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New AR entertainment studio launched by NexTech in Hollywood

NexTech AR Solutions Corp., the augmented reality technology firm, recently made an announcement regarding its latest software development venture into Hollywood.

NexTech has launched its new entertainment venue, the AR Studio in Hollywood. With this latest development, the company will focus on creating immersive content by utilising state-of-the-art augmented reality technology on smart glasses and mobile devices.

Barry Sandrew, NexTech adviser, and a prominent serial entrepreneur and VFX stalwart, expressed his views regarding the venture.

NexTech is developing a cutting-edge immersive entertainment idea that he has been looking forward to for over five years. The skill, opportunity, and technology of AR Studios contributing to AR storytelling development has made it a revolutionary venue. – Barry Sandrew

AR utilises display technology and cameras to superimpose virtual objects within real-world settings. Through this form of layering, users are able to observe things and objects just as they would in reality. All they have to do is aim their mobile device screen at any wall, table or other surfaces.

The projection-type technology facilitated by augmented reality has been used in a great variety of applications. Objects and subjects that have been projected by AR till date include everything from people, to animated characters, tabletop virtual games, cars, architectural items, and more.

NexTech has gained acclaim through its end-to-end augmented reality solutions geared towards a great number of industrial applications, to improve aspects such as ads, marketing, and sales outputs. Some of its AR offerings include three-dimensional product capture, and wall and floor encompassing 360-degree displays.

The company has also created an eyewear ‘try-it-on’ feature to aid customers in viewing how they would look with certain eyeglasses models on their face, to make purchases easier with their smart devices.

The launch of AR Studios has marked the NexTech’s foray into a new sector that can benefit from this form of technology. Sales and advertising are similar to entertainment, as they also deal with effectively gaining and holding the attention of audiences.

Augmented reality-based feature films showcase a performance not limited to just the inside of a screen, as viewers are able to observe objects in physical surfaces already visible to them. The experience can be likened to watching a scene or play unfold on a lawn, table or carpet, as opposed to seeing it on a television screen. An augmented reality feature can also lead viewers across different spaces, and move around freely to unlock or access different scenes and objects.

Paul Duffy, NexTech President, expressed that AR Studios is the most significant form of work the company has undertaken, that is set to vividly transform content experiences.

The idea of being able to observe a three-dimensional human being in your preferred space has a huge impact on advertising, education, gaming, and medicine. – Paul Duffy

Numerous businesses worldwide are exploring augmented reality for industrial, entertainment and business use. Although there are many AR-capable devices in development, the market can scale $198 billion valuations by 2025, according to Statista.

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