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New AR Contact Lens Prototype Revealed by Mojo Vision

Magic Vision recently revealed that it has developed another model of its Mojo Lens augmented reality (AR) contact lenses. With this savvy contact lens, the vision of invisible computing can be realised, according to the company.

The Mojo Lens model is a major achievement for the organization in the process of development, tests, and approvals. It is being considered an advancement situated at the convergence of smart devices, augmented and virtual reality, advanced wearables, and wellbeing technology.

The model incorporates various new hardware specifications and advancements installed in a lens directly. With the new changes, the communications, power framework, presentation and eye-tracking technology features of the lenses have improved.

Mojo Vision, based out of Saratoga, California, has been putting resources into different programming options for Mojo Lens. In this new model, the organization has assembled essential working framework code and user experience (UX) components. The new programming will consider the further turn of events and the evaluation of other use cases for both the product’s purchasers and accomplices.

The underlying market for the product is for individuals who have low vision, and it is set to be a medically endorsed gadget that can assist partially-blind individuals with seeing things like road signs better.

Steve Sinclair, senior VP, Product and Marketing, revealed to the VentureBeat publication that the company is not alluding to it as an item. According to Sinclair, the company is referring to the new development as a model. He also revealed that during the next year, the company is going to utilise what it learned from the ongoing development drive, to determine how a smart contact lens can be created with all desired components. Currently, the focus is on advancement, implementation of product improvements, experience improvements, and testing of security features. Sinclair emphasized that there is also an effort to understand how the product truly fills the need for low-vision offerings that a consumer might find useful.

This latest Mojo Lens model will speed up the advancement of the technology known as invisible computing. Under this model, data can be accessed and added when the need arises. With this experience, clients get to opportune data rapidly and privately, without the need for having to observe a screen, or needing to shift their focus from their surroundings and others around them.

Mojo Vision has observed the reliance on invisible computing by athletes, along with sports and wellness brands such as Adidas Running, and stepped up efforts to deliver experiences that are truly hands-free.

Magic has been collaborating with its new accomplices to track down exceptional ways of working on competitors’ access to what is termed as ‘during data’ or basically, instant access data. Magic Lens can facilitate an upper hand for athletes and offer them a distinct advantage, permitting them to retain focus on exercises or boost their performances. This can be achieved without them being affected by the limitations of conventional wearable devices.

Further updates are expected in the near future related to the product.

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