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New Application by LA Kings Features Blockchain Authentication and AR

A revolutionary new platform is being considered as ‘game-changing’ for purposes including the protection of sports memorabilia and merchandise

The LA Kings recently launched the world’s first Blockchain authentication platform with augmented reality features. The application will be utilised fundamentally for beefing up the security of sports memorabilia and merchandise.

The sports team partnered with Pro Exp Media Inc., to launch the AR Authentication App. It aids customers in ascertaining that they are purchasing sporting items which are authentic. Customers can check out sports-related items on the application, whether they buy them from the official Kings stores or external sources.

The application offers users access to exclusive and distinctive video messages from several Kings’ professionals, including Luc Robitaille, the Kings President and a Hockey Hall of Famer.

Team LA and the LA Kings Game-Used Merchandise divisions collaborate to sell merchandise such as sticks, jerseys, pucks, helmets, sticks and collectible items at the STAPLES Center Team LA store during home matches, and also on online channels.

Customers need to follow a few simple steps for using the AR Authentication App. After downloading the application on their smartphones, users need to perform an identity verification step from within the application. Following that, they can point their device across any given merchandise certificate or Certificate of Authenticity (COA) sticker. After the authentication process, customers may even choose to receive a COA hard copy.

The application gained prominence following its recent feature in the Fox Business Network’s Varney and Co. It can effectively acknowledge authentic game-used, registered merchandise, and detect ones that are stolen or non-authentic. Such functionalities are achieved using Blockchain and augmented reality technologies.

Users, on scanning pieces of merchandise which are authentic, will experience an automatically playing message from Darren Granger, Head Equipment Manager of Kings, and Robitaille. In case a video message does not play, the product being scanned is not registered and not authentic.

Current customers of LA Kings Game-Used Merchandise who intend to sell their merch or give items away as gifts are able to transfer ownership to other parties through the application. It is quite a simple and convenient process for customers to follow and adheres to the blockchain of ownership.


How the entire process works, is quite simple. The blockchain system is utilised for ensuring the security and integrity of the data of merchandise owners. Augmented reality is used to perform authentication of the merchandise items physically. The app from LA Kings comes with a multi-factor authentication setup. If one of the various factors are not authenticated successfully, the product’s authenticity will not be verified.

The application is a boon for numerous Kings fans, who can breathe easy knowing that the items they purchase are authentic, sourced from the Kings official merchandise store or external sources.

Jonathan Lowe, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Brand Strategy, LA Kings, expressed that the brand’s innovative digital strategy is a matter of pride for it. LA Kings Game-Used App is available to download for Apple and Android users.

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