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Neuron Introduces New AR Parking Assistant

The combination of Neuron’s dedicated parking concept and AR Parking Assistant has resulted in greater than 95 percent parking compliance in locations where the technology has been implemented, thereby creating a more secure environment for pedestrians.

Neuron Mobility has announced the launch of an innovative augmented reality (AR) parking assistance system with the intention of improving passengers’ parking routines and trip-end experiences. Using Neuron’s allocated parking concept, functionality was developed to work in conjunction with GPS to improve parking adherence in a few locations using Google’s ARCore Visual Positioning System (VPS).

When activated, the Augmented Reality Parking Assistant prompts users to check their immediate surroundings with the camera on their smartphones while running the Neuron app. The photos that were taken are then compared to the archive of Google Street View in order to locate the precise location. Users won’t be able to finish their journey until the technology has directed them to the closest approved parking location, in case they have not yet arrived there. If they have not yet arrived there, the technology will not be able to let them finish their journey.

Users of Neuron will soon be required to take a picture of their electric scooter using the trip-end picture function at the conclusion of each ride. This is being done so that users can be certain that their e-scooter is parked in the correct location. The customer experience and parking adherence of Neuron’s electric scooters in the central business district are both improved thanks to the combined efforts of all of these elements.

In addition to the use of GPS, the Augmented Reality Parking Assistant, which is powered by Google’s ARCore Visual Positioning System (VPS), will be able to more precisely detect Neuron automobiles, allowing them to be parked more precisely inside one of the parking stations.

The augmented reality parking helper is currently available in Perth, Busselton, and some regions of Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia. User trials are scheduled to begin in early 2023 in a number of locations across the globe. The majority of users have expressed satisfaction with the technology, and in locations where it is currently being used, the percentage of drivers who adhere to parking regulations has increased to more than 95 percent.

Passengers using Neuron are only permitted to finish their journeys at one of the numerous resting sites that have been pre-approved by the company and are spread out across the service region. This strategy intends to reduce the number of electric scooters that are currently out on the streets, where they pose a potential hazard to pedestrians and are an eyesore.

With the introduction of the AR Parking Assistant, problems with e-scooter congestion in cities have been alleviated, and riders’ parking routines and trip-end experiences have been made significantly more pleasant.

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