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NASA Relying on AR Technology for Readying Orion Hardware for Artemis II Mission

Lockheed Martin, the principal contractor for the NASA Orion spacecraft, is utilizing augmented reality (AR) to raise efficiency for the development of the Artemis II spacecraft. It is the first crewed mission on the Orion. Augmented reality technology is being used by NASA to propel human beings to the moon as part of the agency’s Artemis initiative.

Mary Lakaszcyck, an ASRC Federal Data Solutions technician, and Lockheed Martin subcontractor, was seen putting on a pair of AR glasses and taping places where technicians are supposed to install crew module adapter components on the Orion. The project is being conducted in the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building’s high bay, at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The augmented reality goggle technology offers a distinct way of comprehending the dynamic work environments of complex hardware assembly. This includes spaceships that take human beings into space. In contrast to observing the process from models and text on a two-dimensional screen, the instructions are overlaid within a three-dimensional space on the physical spacecraft whilst wearing the goggles.

According to Lakaszcyck, using the AR goggles was enjoyable, helpful and saved time too. He emphasized that wearing the glasses allows individuals to complete the same amount of work that takes eight to 12 shifts or one week, within a single shift. Lakaszcyck wore the goggles and was able to visualize the locations of items, their assigned reference number, and their orientation.

Augmented reality being used by NASA for Artemis II mission. Image source: nasa

The AR goggles are important and not to be seen as gimmicky objects. Lockheed Martin uses the goggles as designed specialized tools. The company’s processing team is utilizing the glasses to get the Orion spacecraft ready for its flight. Lockheed Martin started using the technology offering back in 2017.

Shelley Peterson, mixed reality and augmented reality specialist with Lockheed Martin, revealed that the AR goggles were used on manufacturing processes for the Orion, set to fly on Artemis I. She said that AR is helping the company push innovative boundaries to conduct activities considerably faster than conventional procedures.

Carlos Garcia, crew module adapter assembly, integration and test leader at NASA for Orion production operations, expressed satisfaction regarding the time conservation results showcased whilst utilizing AR for click bonds. These refer to fasteners for securing extensive lengths of wiring to the structure of the spacecraft. It can possibly improve the project significantly before the project reaches fruition. Garcia revealed that utilizing the technology for click bonds location to secure the harnesses resulted in savings of up to three weeks.

Personnel wearing the AR goggles are set to place various important spaceflight parts on Orion’s hardware, which includes the heat shield and crew module of the Artemis II. AR work instructions will also be employed to put together spacecraft crew seats.

The Artemis program will see NASA land the next man and woman on the surface of the Moon. Further developments may happen in the near future as the project starts picking up pace.

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