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More than 200 thousand individuals have played Waves Ducks’ new AR Web3 game

Waves Ducks, a blockchain-based Play-2-Earn game, has confirmed the official international launch of a new game mode, known as Waves Duck Hunt. The launch concludes a tremendously successful beta testing session that began on June 20th at NFT.NYC.

Duck Hunt is a play-and-earn augmented reality (AR) game that puts players in the thick of things. Participants utilize their smartphones to hunt for incentives that are strategically placed as “golden eggs” inside a 15-kilometre area. The objective is to locate as many golden eggs as one can before time has run out. For a part of the launch, each golden egg offers the opportunity to obtain an NFT tailored to the participant’s locale. These may be used in a wide range of activities all across the Waves Ducks Metaverse.

Throughout the beta stage, gamers went across distances upwards of 1 million kilometres, which is as much as hiking more than 25 times across the Equator. More than 14,000 golden eggs were uncovered, and gamers managed to gather around 50 thousand game hours during the six-week programme. The Waves Ducks group follows on the breakthrough by implementing improved gamification elements into the official launch version of Duck Hunt. This will involve the addition of a novel reward token known as SPICE, which will be required to grow the baby birds into comprehensive Waves Ducks NFTs, Some innovative in-game offerings have also been added.

With over 200 thousand monthly active players, the Waves Ducks environment has already
become a well-established and renowned gaming metaverse. On the Waves Ducks market, Waves Ducks NFTs presently generate more than 800 thousand dollars in monthly sales.

Every Waves Duck NFT is a souvenir, which translates to being a generator of economic rewards, and an active player across a massive array of offline and online competitions. Gamers may acquire Waves Duck NFTs via battling and racing against ducks as individual people or as participants of a game clan. They can employ several techniques to nurture and commercialise their birds, such as duck farming, breeding, and leasing.

According to the available information, the release will contain eight unique and incredibly uncommon “Jackpot” Waves Ducks NFTs. These can only be discovered in the gameplay and are particularly created for distinct places. Among the special location-based characters are Queen Elizabeth II (United Kingdom), Salvador Dali (Spain), Benjamin Franklin (United States), and Albert Einstein (Germany), among others.

Waves’ founder, Sasha Ivanov, stated the company is thrilled to report the excellent outcomes of the Duck Hunt beta phase. He emphasised that the team is looking forward to seeing how the environment grows during the worldwide release. The Waves platform architecture is designed to improve the perceived value of any instance, as demonstrated by the Waves Duck crew. Duck Hunt has presented gaming enthusiasts with a unique and satisfying encounter, and they are optimistic that the same is set to be a larger success in the near future. It will tap into the blockchain’s straightforward smart contracts functionality, in addition to an industry-first AR game environment.

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