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Moon Landing Augmented Reality Application Launched by JFK Presidential Library

An augmented reality (AR) application celebrating the 50th year anniversary of the moon landing was launched recently by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. The application also focuses on highlighting the important role played by the then U.S. President John F. Kennedy in getting the country to the moon’s surface. The free application is available to users of both iPhones and Android, and helps users re-create the Apollo 11 lunar mission at locations of their choice. It also enables users to explore a life-size Saturn V model situated in Boston.

Digitas, a digital marketing company, is responsible for the application development in association with the JFK Library. According to Mark Philip, vice president of Digitas, his team had aimed to differentiate themselves from several already existing applications and documentaries commemorating the mission. He elaborated that the brainstorming sessions focused on how his team could celebrate the moon landing in a unique manner.

The development has resulted in the creation of a unique application blending AR with real-time elements and location. Following installation, users can place a digital Saturn V rocket overlay right within their living rooms, and even test out the spacecraft’s thrusters by themselves. They will also get to experience the 50th moon landing anniversary from the day of the mission. Philip revealed that the launch will take place at exactly 9:32 am on the 16th of July.

Similar to the real mission over 5 decades ago, the augmented reality edition is set to carry on for 120 hours. Users will be able to touch down on the moon on 20th July. Users will be able to relive the mission in real-time.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Digitas

Philip was fast to admit that all the moments of the journey are not as exciting from start to end. He acknowledged that users can expect a bit of quietness during the voyage. Digitas, in its mission to keep people interested, has added background information regarding the trip, along with videos and photos explaining JFK’s role in initiating the mission with the agenda of getting a man to the moon within a decade from 1961. Philip explained that his team delved deep into the archives of JFK.

Michael Collins, the third Apollo 11 mission astronaut, was also interviewed by Digitas. To facilitate better interactivity within the experience, the team facilitates users to go around on several missions, including the actual spacecraft landing on the moon surface. According to Philip, dexterity training mechanisms were utilised by Digitas to development the engaging mine games. He believes that those fascinated by space exploration and NASA’s efforts will find the inclusions enjoyable.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Digitas

Users who will visit the JFK Library between July 16 and July 20 will also get to witness a life-size Saturn V rocket recreation measuring an impressive 363 feet in length. Philip emphasised that showing the rocket’s size was a goal. The library is also set to host a Space Summit meeting, in addition to a festival titled as the Space Fest. These features will be presented in honour of the 50th moon landing anniversary.

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