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Meta Augmented Reality Goggles to Launch in 2024

Meta could unveil augmented reality goggles in 2024

The glasses will include state-of-the-art technology that superimposes relevant data on top of a real-world environment.

By year’s end, Meta is expected to introduce augmented reality (AR) spectacles that look very much like regular eyeglasses. To display relevant data superimposed on a real-world environment, the wearable will use state-of-the-art technologies. Meta is expected to introduce a new lineup of AR glasses before the year comes to a close.

Meta is making steady headway in its quest to develop augmented reality eyewear.
A year after the business unveiled its Aria project, which comprises creating new spectacles with several components—starting with a mini-screen capable of displaying images and data in augmented reality—things seem to be becoming clearer.

Meta is expected to unveil a functional version of its AR goggles at its Connect conference this September. This project is being codenamed Orion.

Several employees have supposedly put on these spectacles, and the prototype is supposedly very advanced, as reported by Business Insider. The primary goal is to make a splash before releasing the product to the public on a large basis two or three years down the line.

This new challenge is different from Meta’s smart glasses it developed with Ray-Ban or its Quest headsets.

The Reality Labs division of Meta is creating these glasses, which, from the outside, will resemble regular eyeglasses but, when worn, will provide the user with direct access to data and other virtual elements.

No information on use has been supplied by Meta at this time. Still, the main value of such a product lies in its capacity to provide relevant data in real time. Things like company names, followable addresses, warnings, and augmented reality game components might fall under this category.

The market for linked eyeglasses is currently somewhat modest. Now you can obtain connected eyewear from Meta, Ray-Ban, and Snap. But these devices are still rather simple, and their main use is for secret video or photo capturing.

Despite Magic Leap’s earlier demonstration of a much more advanced technology, the current iteration is both daunting to wear and difficult to use. A mixed reality headset called the Vision Pro was recently unveiled by Apple.

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