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Maritime AR technology created by ABS and Crowley

In order to develop the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology for ships and other marine settings, Crowley and ABS, a top provider of maritime category and consultancy offerings, have come to an agreement.

The Crowley AR service system is expanded through the ABS collaboration agreement. In order to cooperate with remote experts on remedies, crew members wear goggles with innovation. Kognitiv Spark’s technology enables shoreside staff and seafarers to work together digitally to accomplish upkeep, revisions, and modifications aboard more swiftly.

In a cooperative pilot project, ABS and Crowley will work together to promote classification-related surveying tasks, such as elements of annual and specialised polls, including task crediting. The project will also involve a number of activities with surveyors, technicians, and back-office survey assistance, as well as virtual inspections and livestreaming with the use of totally remote and hybrid survey methodologies. For vessels to function, class surveys must be completed successfully.

It is possible to examine what is feasible for potential survey activities as well as for usage safety by working with forward-thinking firms like Crowley because AR is a field innovation. According to Patrick Ryan, senior VP and CTO of ABS, the company’s class services are leading the sector and discovering methods to improve the information used to both expedite the class process and also keep mariners and surveyors safe.

Crowley is the owner and operator of a varied fleet of vessels flying American and other flags, including tug, dry cargo, container, roll-on/roll-off (RoRo), and offshore wind development and service operating vessels. The partnership with ABS will make use of its continuous innovation initiatives to introduce technologically more effective and sustainable operations. This year’s first Crowley Innovation Expo featured a presentation by Kognitiv Spark and Crowley on AR operating system technology.

According to Cole Cosgrove, vice president of Crowley Shipping, partnership is key to sustainable growth and success in maritime services. The company’s team is looking forward to working with ABS to advance innovation technology for the benefit of the maritime ecosystem and its customers. He elaborated further, saying that these advancements will give mariners a safer and more effective option, and they will enable them to offer customers services that are even more dependable and efficient.

ABS is establishing the path ahead by utilising innovations like high-resolution laser imaging, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), crawlers, wearable tech, and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to enhance standard class-related assessments and examinations.

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