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Marcolin’s AR experience engages employees and customers

Marcolin presents an enthralling fusion of augmented reality (AR) catering to both its workforce and patrons. Inculcating this cutting-edge digital realm, the company integrates AR into its employee training and customer experience agenda. Central to this captivating virtual escapade is an intricate tour, which grants viewers exclusive access to the concealed domains where eyewear craftsmanship comes to life.

This revolutionary tool exhibits remarkable versatility, permitting individuals worldwide, whether customers or employees, to partake in the Marcolin journey from the cosiness of their own abodes. Moreover, the Marcolin Manufacturing Academy programme embraces AR technology, thereby enabling employees to traverse the very heart of the company’s creative and manufacturing domains using sophisticated virtual reality headsets.

An exciting facet of this transformative venture is a live version of the experience, wherein customers and partners may be virtually accompanied by a company representative, eliminating spatial barriers.

Once adorned, the headset ushers the wearer into an immersive encounter with the splendid Marcolin headquarters nestled in Longarone, Italy. Notably, this technology relies not on mere virtual replication but rather on capturing genuine 360-degree video footage of authentic spaces, thus delivering an unparalleled and veritable experience.

Venturing through every production space, from inception through prototyping, manufacturing, and product distribution, the tour culminates in a digital visit to an esteemed optician’s store, where viewers can meticulously examine the final products. Adding to the allure, users are empowered to interact with three-dimensional objects within distinct environments, facilitating a close-up scrutiny of the exquisite craftsmanship and allowing virtual hands-on exploration of the eyewear.

Each environment serves as a gateway to encountering a distinctive article, rendering the entire experience deeply personalised and engrossing. Imbued with the charm of unconventional elements, Marcolin’s AR revelation achieves a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology with the essence of traditional craftsmanship, propelling it to a league of its own.


The renowned Sabrina Paulon, Director of Human Resources for the Marcolin Group, said that the Marcolin team has fervently welcomed advances in technology and digital change to improve its workers’ learning and hone their abilities since they serve as the foundation of its eyewear competence. She elaborated that the company’s adventure began with the laudable objective of improving instruction, thus it only seemed logical to expand the use of this ground-breaking instrument to the field of client service. The company’s lofty goal is to disseminate thorough information of its uniqueness and unrivalled individuality, through the origins of innovation to the harmonious fusion of traditional workmanship with ground-breaking technical breakthroughs, symbolised by the wonder of Industry 4.0.

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