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Maps & Search now include AR features

Google LLC said recently that it is enhancing Live View in Maps with a new augmented reality (AR) feature that will enable users to visually look for coffee shops, eateries, and other local businesses.

A number of enhancements to Maps, Shopping, and Search were officially unveiled, including the extended Live View function. The new AR features will be available in Live View in Maps beginning the next week in a few locations, including New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo, according to Google.

A new “Search with Live View” feature will be available to users, allowing them to utilise their phone’s camera to search the area in which they are now located. Maps will automatically identify surrounding buildings as hotels, cafes, ATMs, banks, and other businesses when users hold up their system and scan the area.

Users will be able to see the establishment’s availability, activity level, price range, and customer reviews. With a new feature that lets users search by the dish on Google Search, finding food is also becoming simpler.

In other words, if someone has a craving for a particular food, they can put that into the Maps search field, and it will bring up a list of places that provide it or suitable alternatives. Additionally, users will have access to details about the restaurant’s pricing, food ingredients, customer feedback, and other useful information.

Google Lens will get an upgrade later this year that will enhance the app’s ability to do AR translations. Users will now be able to interpret text on backdrops with more complicated patterns, according to Google.

Drivers of electric vehicles will be able to focus their hunt for charging points by limiting the possibilities that are shown to those that are the most time-effective. Users may now choose fast-charge outlets that are compliant with their particular car from the filter menu. Fast charging stations, according to Google, are those with 50-kilowatt chargers or more.

A revolutionary AR-powered purchasing option is now available, and that aims to make it easier for consumers to locate the perfect foundation match. A new picture collection for Google Maps is coming with 148 models to reflect a wide range of ages, skin tones, nationalities, genders, skin types, facial shapes, and nationalities. Users ought to be able to discover a better solution to envision how various skin products would appear on themselves with the aid of this database.

In a blog post, the business advised users to search for a particular colour of foundation on Google across different brands and retail prices. Users may choose the cosmetics that work best for them by seeing how it appears on models with skin tones similar to their own, along with before and after photos. Then they can choose a merchant to purchase the product from.

Last but not least, Google has informed us that it is extending the functionality of its Accessible Places feature, which displays an emblem on company profile photographs to indicate if they can be. Prior to this update, this feature from Google was only offered in the United States, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Anyone using a pushchair or trolley may also benefit from the indicators, according to Google, since they may want to know whether a slope is approachable.

Further updates are expected in the near future in terms of developments from the tech giant.

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