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Live Virtual Try-On Ad Campaigns by GEENEE and Audiencex

GEENEE and Audiencex will start live virtual try-on ad campaigns

In a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) LVTO campaign, a top handcrafted jewelry brand has teamed up with GEENEE, an advanced AI-live virtual try-on (LVTO) platform, and Audiencex, a digital advertising partner powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This is a first of its kind move that changes the way people shop online. This innovative project includes a set of ads that let people try on and experience the luxury jewellery brand’s lines in real time 3D, right inside the ad unit.

By bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds of online shopping, this innovative campaign is set to revolutionise the way consumers engage with their jewelry and other worn items collections. By playing with the AR ads, buyers can actually wear goods. This creates an interesting and involved shopping experience that helps people make decisions and think about brands, especially during busy buying times.

Since interactive ads know that all media is social, they also let users record and share their try-on moments right from the ad unit, which raises knowledge of the brand.

The simplicity of the LVTO experience not only gets people involved, but it also encourages them to make better purchases, which makes customers happier and reduces the number of returns and the damage they do to the environment. Brands can change the future of online fashion for the better by being open to new ideas like these and putting sustainability first. The LVTO ads are a big step towards a more responsible and personalised buying experience for everyone. They give customers a smooth, high-end brand experience.

These two companies working together show that augmented reality technology has the ability to change not only shopping but also ads. By letting people try on clothes right in digital ads, this campaign hopes to get more people to interact with them, increase the number of people who buy something, and give useful information about what people like and how they act.

An engineer at GEENEE, Vlad Bondarenko, remarked that he is excited about working with AudienceX to better integrate cutting-edge augmented reality technology into digital ads. Their AI-driven technology makes sure that try-ons are almost always accurate by using real-time head tracking, modeling that is unbelievably realistic, and the best physics game technology for AR. Their work as a team is changing the way people connect with brands online.

Steven Kaufman, VP of Client Services at AUDIENCEX, talked about how they are committed to developing cutting-edge technologies that can change the way online marketing and shopping work for their customers. To show this, he talked about how they worked with GEENEE to make and start a revolutionary AR try-on promotion.

Giving people experiences that are highly engaging makes it much easier for them to track progress. This effect is stronger when these interactions are combined with their wider use of digital tactics, full-funnel media methods, and strong predictive analytics.

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