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Liquid Avatar’s Blockchain Identity Users to Enjoy Augmented Reality’s Enticing Experience

Liquid Avatar’s Blockchain Identity Users to Enjoy Augmented Reality’s Enticing Experience
Imagine AR and KABN North America enthusiastically announced the execution program of a long-term formal contract to execute the immersive experience of augmented reality for Liquid Avatar’s self-sovereign identity users. Liquid avatar is an application solely dedicated to empowering its users with the ability to control, monitor, and acquire their data without intervention from foreign administration. Besides the power to own personal data, the blockchain users of Liquid Avatar will now be able to establish a connection on social and educational platforms while interacting with peers through an AR-based messaging system.

The amazing, augmented reality integrated with Liquid Avatar will make its debut in early 2021.  KABN systems North America will use the cloud-based suite and augmented reality software development kit (AR SDK) of Imagine AR to hand over a range of high-powered augmented reality interactions to the mobile app users of Liquid Avatar. Now, users can relish a consumer and information AR-based interactive experience with the newly approached augmented reality program. The Liquid Avatar users will have the privilege to enjoy bold, responsive, and cognitive offers presented by the commercial and media enterprises. However, only biometrically verified users may have these opportunities to avoid marketing breakage and waste considerably.

Limitless opportunities

The augmented reality experience will open a range of potentially limitless opportunities to the Liquid Avatar users, enabling them to generate and share messages and 3D greetings with their social connections. The best part is that users can use these opportunities with just a few taps on the icons associated with the Liquid Avatar mobile application. the users can also benefit from sharing AR-enabled invitations, information, resumes, and event programs with their online connections. Additionally, users can gain insight into their in-wallet identity credentials and verifiable, such as healthcare, financial, e-commerce, financial, gaming, and educational services via interactive digital wallets.

Liquid Avatar’s Blockchain Identity Users to Enjoy Augmented Reality’s Enticing Experience
Liquid Avatar’s Blockchain Identity Users to Enjoy Augmented Reality’s Enticing Experience

Facilitate engagement.

The CEO of KABN, Mr. David Lucatch explained how this amazing interactive technology will facilitate the engagement of verified Liquid Avatar users with their friends and families and take the interactive opportunity to a whole new level. This can positively impact the creation of value and revenue opportunities for the existing and expanding customer base.


The augmented reality immersive experience will benefit a range of industries. Among various other industries, let’s see how this technology will influence the educational, travel, and commercial enterprises:

  • The commercial enterprises can integrate augmented reality technology, allowing the customers to have a 3D view of the services irrespective of their current location. Users can view various items, be it movie trailers, music videos, schedules, online concerts, podcasts, or special bonuses and incentives.
  • The information and education sector can provide interactive and responsive opportunities to convey information and express choices to their customers.
  • The travel industry can integrate technology, enabling users to review experiences directly from venues, locations, resorts, and printed materials.

In a nutshell, the use of the augmented reality immersive and interactive technology will be one of the most thrilling experiences ever. A program that provides interaction at this level will create value for clients and stakeholders.

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