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LG Provides a Mesmerising Augmented Reality Display Case to Citizen Watch Shop

With clear OLED technology, LG assists Citizen Watch in distinguishing itself from rivals by offering a digital purchasing experience to customers.

The Citizen Watch shop, which is situated at a prominent retail location in NYC uses eye-catching digital pictures to draw customers in. It will show them actual watches that are being represented by the graphics. Citizen Watch collaborated with designers from Pac Team Group, and the design house Luminary Design Co. LG Business Solutions USA came into the partnership on the creative retail concept.

Citizen Watch sought to stand out among its rivals because of being situated in a well-established and frequently visited retail location. The place’s primary function was to deliver a thoroughly entertaining marketing presentation without the presence of a salesman and accurately mirrored the virtual product study that online purchasing had standardised. It was critical that the store’s technology and digital material be smooth, simple to grasp, and not interfere with sales, while also staying idle. Consumers can quickly go through the options and study based on their convenience.

Luminary wanted to engineer a unique retail experience by combining the convenience of online shopping, whilst relying on the advantages of conventional retail. With the help of integrated digital effects, relevant product features, and coordinated lights, they have been able to produce an enthralling offering. The digital demonstration effectively highlights the watches. Every feature works in tandem to turn the entire experience of watch shopping into an educational and exciting encounter for customers.

Luminary Design Co is already familiar with the Transparent OLED technology by LG, which creates an illusion of the panel disappearing. As a result of this, the offering was something that worked intuitively with the retail environment being provided by Pac Team. In essence, it created a feeling of there being no such technology being used.  Whilst appearing to be a conventional display case, the digital offering can instantly change into an immersive demo that most consumers now have likely never come across. When they do come across it, the reactions can be overwhelmingly positive.

The enhanced presentation and retail experience did not raise the need for developing fresh content. The company just relied on a blend of repurposed assets and high-level VFX de by The CSI Group. Fluid movements vary and transition between displays of product features to content exhibitions that span the entire screen. This also encompasses instances with half part of the panel being completely transparent and the remainder of it showcases a demo video.

The visuals are linked to actual timepieces via precisely timed disclosures within the footage available utilising  what is referred to as “Transparent Squares.” After the video content has been consumed, moveable three-dimensional graphics emanate from the actual timepieces and cover the display. As a result, users come across extravagant and larger 360-degree perspectives of the watch models.

The finished film is an approximately ten-minute sequence that explores the internal dynamics of Citizen’s iconic devices. The footage that existed earlier has been revamped and reused to capitalise on the special characteristics of transparent screens, such as holographic content.

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