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LE Fine Art Prints Showcased in AR App

Exclusive fine art prints are being displayed via augmented reality apps

A digital art augmented reality app from ADLAR Studio has been released recently. It showcases digital simulations of multiple limited-edition art prints so fans across the globe can enjoy the same. The new AR app offering ramps up the accessibility to fine art pieces and also provides a refined experience of observing pieces to enthusiasts.

Working with top-tier special effects artists and innovators in the space, ADLAR Studio creates artistic renderings for the nascent AR environment. The studio maintains the exclusivity of some of the artwork and gives access to the other ones to users. The ones that are accessible now can be viewed by iPhone users who will get a more vivid and engrossing view of their chosen art pieces.

Analia Saban and Shane Guffogg are the first two artists that ADLAR Studio will work with using AR-enabled technology. Both of their works are listed for sale on the ADLAR Studio Store portal.

In addition to these first offers, ADLAR Studio is working on more augmented reality app projects with renowned creators including Matthew Brandt, Marilyn Minter, and Kenny Scharf.

Co-founder of ADLAR Studio Larry W. Jones stated in a news release received by ARPost that the studio’s team is delighted that ADLAR Studio is giving fine art print collectors and new users the blend of conventional printing and AR technology. He expressed that all types of art fans, old and new, are able to access intriguing digitised AR art experiences. According to Jones, new ways to explore traditional printing are being introduced by the technology that can now be enjoyed on mobile devices. He added that the efforts of building a metaverse for the future are just beginning.

The augmented reality app media will be crucial in advancing printing, according to ADLAR Studio. Co-founder of ADLAR Studio Adam Gross has over 25 years of experience collaborating with artists on various projects and exhibits. He has a degree in fine arts.

According to Gross, ADLAR Studio is being launched with much excitement with Analia Saban and Shane Guffogg. Working together with artists to bring their creations to life in both the real and virtual worlds is a dream come true.

In order to allow people all over the world to appreciate the work and make investments in assorted art pieces, they are meticulously curating and constructing a robust digital fine art collection.

The development of an art augmented reality app diversifies the appreciation of artwork and increases the effectiveness of certain prints that would otherwise only be appreciated by a small number of people. The path that ADLAR Studio is laying out is one that artists can be enthusiastic about.

According to artist Saban, technology is inspiring and she has taken into consideration how the same can help in the prospect of preserving the history of art. The Argentinean artist uses outlandish techniques, such as moulding shapes, untangled paints, and laser-burning wood in her work.

In Silicon Valley and Hollywood, a team of talented VFX creators with backgrounds in AI, 3D animation, volumetric capture, world-building, and motion capture have collaborated with ADLAR.

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