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Latest AR Deal Between Cannvas and NexTech to Facilitate Cannvas Kiosk Display

Cannvas MedTech (CSE:MTEC), a prominent cannabis education organisation and technology brand, has recently announced a partnership agreement with NexTech AR Solutions Corp.(CSE: NTAR) (OTC: NEXCF). Nextech AR Solutions is aiming to introduce augmented reality or AR to wider audiences through modes like AR-based live streaming, e-learning, and e-commerce. The partnership will work towards the objective of improving the experiences of users across Canadian cannabis education booths.

Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets, Cannvas MedTech Inc, stated that associating with Nextech is helping the brand initiate the marketwide launch of an augmented reality cannabis educational program. According to him, the company aims to innovative education digitally through interweaving technology modes for diversifying information consumption.

Companies that have incorporated AR for personalised user experiences were moving forward in terms of profits and building stronger relationships with customers.- Steve Loutskou

Cannvas MecTech Inc’s key motivation is to uplift it’s Cannvas Kiosk experience, for making verified cannabis-related information available, based on a parameter like location.

NexTech augmented reality offerings offer a way into AR for the masses, with features including augmented reality learning, live event AR streaming, and website e-commerce features. The AR e-commerce platform presently enjoys integration with service providers including WordPress, Magento, and Shopify. edCetra, the NexTech AR educational platform, has also found takers among Fortune 500 companies like Staples, Imperial Oil and Bombardier. Notable public organisations like the Library of Congress is also using the brand’s AR features for employee training and education.

With the NexTech agreement partnership, Cannvas is looking forward to enhancing Cannvas Kiosk user experiences. The Kiosks are educational booths placed strategically across Canada. They will disseminate scientifically-proven information regarding adult-use cannabis and medical cannabis benefits. Augmented reality will potentially be harnessed by Cannvas to improve upon its current Kiosk network. Other purposes served by AR will include greater audience reach and interaction duration increases. Cannvas aims to enhance the effectiveness of its education with the technology.

Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer, Cannvas MedTech Inc, spoke regarding the development. He explained that the organisation is perpetually seeking out new technology implementation opportunities for spreading its content regarding cannabis benefits.

Augmented reality as a potentially viable marketing mode and the reputation of NexTech as a service provider for renowned brands has influenced the decision to go ahead with them. – Shawn Moniz

The Cannvas.Me platform will be used for providing content at each Cannvas Kiosk. It is a flexible educational platform aimed at the international medical cannabis community. The Cannvas.Me community provides physician-approved content and interactive features for interested cannabis healthcare learners. Learners can embark on a personalised journey towards better health, using accurate information regarding the positive effects of medical cannabis use.

Cannvas is also looking ahead to build fresh associations with chosen platforms and health clinics. Such developments spanning across Canada will facilitate consultations of users with licensed medical professionals if they prefer.

Further developments are expected regarding the collaboration of Cannvas and Nextech in the near future.

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