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KIT-AR Gets €3.3 Million for AR Workforce

Funding for the augmented workforce platform KIT-AR totals €3.3 million

This week marked the successful closure of a EUR 3.3 million financing round with 3XP Global and Blue Crow Capital as lead investors, supported by Sintef Venture V, Armilar Venture Partners, and Criteria Venture Tech via its NOS 5G and TechTransfer funding sources. KIT-AR offers an enhanced worker system tailored for the industrial sector.

In addition to knowing how to get the most out of AR solutions, KIT-AR’s owners have a strong and established business plan. A partner at 3xP Global named Miguel Lemos stated that they are all driven to a long-term plan that creates a lot of value for everyone. KIT-AR claims that the fundraising round would support the company’s efforts to expand its workforce, develop internationally, and realise its goal of being the industry’s go-to platform for augmented workers in manufacturing.

Manuel Oliveira, CEO of KIT-AR, responded to the news by saying that every day, industrial firms around the world realise that reducing human error is not only a way to stay ahead of the competition but also a must if they want to avoid costs that they can’t avoid. Our technology gives these businesses the chance to almost completely eradicate these mistakes, minimising their possibly detrimental effects on their company. The technology from KIT-AR enhances industrial operations by using augmented reality to reduce mistakes and maximise resource use. Manufacturing companies may help digitalise human-centred shop floors with the use of the company’s unique technologies.

There is a sense of excitement around KIT-AR as they use cutting-edge augmented reality in industrial situations to give new ways to solve common problems. A partner at BlueCrow Capital named Antonio de Mello Campello said that their way leads to real improvements in process clarity and productivity, which shows what their decisions mean in real life.

The CEO of KIT-AR went on, saying that the team will continue to give a variety of reasons for manufacturers to embrace a more efficient, sustainable, and human-centric approach to manufacturing because of its strong research DNA and ability for innovation. Its strategic alliances with PWC Portugal and NOS, the largest media and entertainment organisation in Portugal, further bolster this, since they will increase our value and reach inside the Portuguese and international manufacturing sectors.

One can visit the company’s website to learn more about KIT-AR and its augmented reality solutions for manufacturing workers.

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