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Kickstarter Funding Campaign is on for Creating a Sequel to 2012 AR Concept Film

The future of augmented reality (AR) technology was up for discussion before the launch of the Magic Leap One and HoloLens. A film created by an independent California-based filmmaking team attempted to explore the future of augmented reality.

The short film, called ‘Sight’ has already received millions of views on the Internet. Now, it’s directors, under the label of Robot Genius, are looking forward to expanding upon the project with a sequel.

The Robot Genius team recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with the objective of developing a lengthier version of the AR story.

‘Sight’, set somewhere in the near future, has captivated audiences through the exhibition of images highlighting the potential development of interface technology. The movie shows individuals using augmented reality-based contact lenses to communicate, as opposed to cell phones. The lenses project virtual data layers onto real-world settings.

The initial short film, directed by Eran May-Raz and Daniel Lazo, was focused on a character called Patrick. He is seen using augmented reality applications in almost every single aspect of his life.

One of the examples of Patrick relying on augmented reality shows him doing the everyday tasks making breakfast. He loads up a cooking application and cooking instructions are projected on his kitchen countertop. Another instance of the character using AR is shown in a social context, as Patrick is seen using lenses whilst on a date. An AR application is guiding him to say the right things to his date, who is also seen wearing AR contacts. The character is also seen viewing AR ads and utilising the technology even in a live traffic situation.

Whilst the conceptual film was made in 2012, many forms of AR interactions are already functional or in development. The fundamental differences of AR use in the film and real-life now are the devices. AR contact lenses are used in the film instead of headsets and smartphones which people now use for augmented experiences.

Following the release of the short film in 2012, it became immensely popular on the Internet. It had many takers both within and outside the AR industry. The uploaded video received almost three million views on Vimeo. It also got a lot more views due to YouTubers uploading it to the popular video network. The reception of the film on social media was also quite encouraging, as evident by various positive comments.

May-Raz and Lazo observed the rise of the AR industry in reality and were inspired by the same to work towards raising funding to create a sequel to ‘Sight’.

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign for this project has an objective of $70,000, with a completion date of August 11. If the funding goal is met, the directors will work towards creating a 35-minute film. It will be the first film in a series of videos, set in the universe of ‘Sight’.

The new film may highlight what impact the advancements of AR have on Patrick’s life.

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