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KicksAR Level Up With Augmented Virtual Reality Experiences

KicksAR’s artificial solutions and augmented reality solution provider announces to launch the new virtual reality experience. With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak showing its harsh side and driving e-commerce through the roof, KicksAR is hoping to weather the storm, of which the new try-on VR experience is the result.

2021 was a comparatively good year to start, with the longed-for COVID-19 vaccines finally rolling out in the market. Despite the availability of the vaccine, not everyone will be out, not at least soon. Most people will continue giving importance to online solutions for most of their daily life essentials. Online shopping sites will continue being the top-most priority for a major section of society. After all, people have normalized the new normal and gotten used to the formalities of a strange routine. Keeping this in mind, KicksAR came up with the innovative idea of implementing augmented reality and artificial intelligence solutions that worked out for people. KicksAR is betting heavily on the implementation of VR solutions in e-commerce and digital retail enterprises.

Innovative solution

According to the CEO, Mrs. Kavita Jha, the company had already worked with artificial intelligence to customer understanding for well-known brands like Big Basket and several other sales enterprises. Therefore, the approach of incorporating immersive VR experience in the digital world is not an initiation, rather a way of improving how the people view online products. In an interview, Kavita explained her realization of how things over the Internet gain visibility. She noticed that the presentation of a product was important to get sold.  She also described another valid reason behind products having a greater return percentage over the Internet. Goods, especially apparel and accessories, experience the most return percentage because these might not look as good as in pictures, or the quality might be a bit low. Here comes the use of the new and immersive virtual reality experience. The innovative solution will use high-powered image intelligence, 3D modeling, and computer vision to deliver fitment and styling across stationary retails.

Virtual Try-On

The artificial intelligence solution will provide visual feedback to customers. The platform can transform 2D images to 3D images that will enable consumers to have virtual try-on apparel, jewelry, shoes, watches, eyewear, makeup, and many more.

Eyewear accros the globe

It was almost two-and-a-half years ago that the company made its first move- launched the first eyewear category. The CEO is proud of the results they have achieved over the years. They own a range of eyewear brands across the globe, including Titan Eye Plus, Specsmakers, Coolwinks, YuBingo, GKB, and Vision RX Labs, being the potential Indian branches.

2500+ stores

The KicksAR platforms run uninterruptedly on laptops, desktops, Android, and iOS devices. With KicksAR, retailers can work with the administrative terminal with entire stock-keeping unit analytics and management. The platform can automatically detect the size of a customer’s body and face to fit any product accurately. With so much to provide, they predict KicksAR to work with 2500+ stores and 100+ e-commerce sites in the next eighteen months.


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