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KIA Launches an Adorably Exciting “Dogmented Reality” App

The automobile company brings its cute robotic pup into the real world through AR technology.


Last Sunday was the biggest night of the year for all the sports lovers. Yes, it was Super Bowl night. While fans were eagerly waiting for the supercharged clash between the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, many leading brands took up the opportunity to highlight their products and services leveraging the highest-grossing TV engagement of the year. But this year, as experts have already pointed out, has been a remarkable one for the AR and VR industry. Several leading companies, including Meta (formerly Facebook) and Walmart, introduced their brand-new ventures featuring the immersive technology ahead of this year’s Super Bowl. KIA, one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world, also joined the race.

Right before the much-anticipated sports event, KIA announced that the company has partnered with Petfinder Foundation to launch a unique immersive ad campaign called “Dogmented Reality.” In this one-of-a-kind Super Bowl commercial, KIA introduced an adorable robotic dog right into your living room. Robo Dog, as the puppy is known, is made possible by using the cutting-edge AR technology from 8th Wall platform.

As you launch this AR experience, a cute little dog will appear in front of you in the real world. But beware, the Robo Dog is said to have a serious case of “puppy eyes” that could compel you to fall in love with him. And just as a real pet, Robo Dog will draw you into a chock-full of adorable obligations. You will need to spend time with the mechanical pooch, giving him an ample amount of belly rubs, scratching behind his ears, and playing lots of catch. The goal is simple—keep him happy and healthy. You can think of the Robo Dog as the AR version of the endearing Tamagatchi Pets.

The web AR experience of Robo Dog is powered by 8th Wall’s AR technology. Since it is a web AR experience, you don’t have to download any app. All you need to do is open your smartphone, fire up the camera, and point it towards a unique KIA Robo Dog Dogmented Reality QR code. It is as simple as scanning a QR code in a restaurant to look into their menu on your phone. As soon as you scan the code, the bewitchingly beautiful dog will appear right in front of your eyes.

Once the Robo Dog appears in your physical space, you can use a combination of finger swipes to instruct him to perform a variety of cute tricks, such as sit, spin, flip, and fetch. What’s more, it can even speak! You will also find a drop-down menu on the app that will provide you with an array of toys to play with your new robotic best friend.

KIA has collaborated with David&Goliath, the renowned marketing gurus, to make the Robo Dog a reality. And the campaign stands out as promoted as part of KIA’s Accelerate The Good program, an effort to raise awareness and support shelter animals to find their “forever homes.”

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