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JULABO USA Pushes for Better Outcomes with AR Through its Atheer Partnership

JULABO USA has recently announced LucaVision, an innovative augmented reality-based customer service model using technology from developer Atheer.

JULABO USA Inc. has made an announcement regarding its partnership with Atheer Inc., an industry-leading augmented reality (AR) enterprise software maker, to achieve improvements with its field service capabilities. The company’s LucaVision is an innovative solution that amalgamates augmented reality sunglasses with the award-winning augmented reality management platform offered by Atheer, to transform how its field service team operates. It also aims to further improve upon the fast service resolution times being offered by JULABO to its expanding customer base.

The LucaVision concept is inspired by Luca, the JULABO USA mascot. It is an appropriate source of inspiration as Luca being a frog, is able to see in all directions, and has a more expansive field of view compared to any human being. Augmented reality as a technology form offers the same level of functionality.

Ralph Juchheim, the President of JULABO USA, said that the company is looking forward to introducing augmented reality (AR) into the temperature control industry to enhance service and quality standards. According to Juchheim, the combination of smart glasses and Atheer’s software is set to transform his company’s service department. It can make a considerable difference in its service and reduce customer downtimes.

Julabo and Atheer working together on AR solutions. Source: it

Atheer provides enterprise augmented reality software internationally and is known for catering its platform for major companies including the International Air Transport Association and Porsche Cars North America. It helps enterprises optimise levels of speed, safety and workforce productivity.

Amar Dhaliwal, the CEO of Atheer, expressed that his team was enthusiastic about collaborating with JULABO USA to launch its new AR field service programme. He acknowledged JULABO as a global leader in reliable high-performance temperature control solutions. According to Dhaliwal, JULABO is at the forefront of pushing innovative boundaries for enhancing customer experiences.

The platform offers a wide range of augmented reality-based service capabilities for users. It provides hands-free technical information access, instructions and diagrams. All of these can be accessed by service teams and technicians to obtain information through hand gestures, voice commands and head movements. It also facilitates remote viewing and troubleshooting, enabling users to diagnose and repair their service partners’ issues, to efficiently cut down application downtimes. The platform also has a hyper vision feature for enabling users to perform zoom and magnification operations to get a better view of parts.

JULABO USA is utilising Atheer’s platform for the purpose of training its service teams (internal and external), enhancing instrumentation repair and service, and improving quality standards and customer assurance with automated reviews and checklists. The company can benefit from this programme in several ways, from improving its capability of fulfilling customer needs, to enhancing its workforce.

According to Dick Frese, VP of sales and marketing at JULABO, the company is known for its achievements in the domain of services. He pointed out that the organisation can prolong and enhance its efforts of making sure that its products are precisely optimised for the needs of customers with the new AR solution.

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