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Irish Startup Human Reality Ltd. Using AR to Revamp Entertainment

Irish Startup Human Reality Ltd. Using AR to Revamp Entertainment
Irish startup focusing on AR to transform entertainment

With the help of Maynooth University’s School of Electronic Engineering, an Irish start-up called Human Reality Ltd. is preparing to revolutionise the gaming, theatre, music, and film industries with a cutting-edge, patented technology known as contextualised augmented reality (CAR).

The technology promises to provide viewers a more profound and meaningful experience by fusing ultra-wideband processors with augmented reality (AR).

The most innovative live stage production is 7 Deadly Sins, which lets viewers game the play in real time by using a smartphone app to change what occurs on stage.

This production, which reimagines Dante’s Inferno for the twenty-first century, is scheduled to debut at Tallaght’s Civic Theatre on July 12–13, with development performances the following day.

Using CAR technology, 7 Deadly Sins engages audiences and facilitates seamless interaction between watchers and artists. Rather than being told to put the phone away as they go into the theatre, guests are encouraged to take out their phones and participate in the performance.

Prof. David Bassuk is the director of the steampunk rock opera, which stars award-winning actress and vocalist Aoife Spratt, up-and-coming hip-hop artist Fortune Igiebor, and opera soprano Claudia Boyle. The seven deadly sins are portrayed in the show as digital or social media platforms: dating apps stand in for Lust, picture and video sharing apps for Envy, and cryptocurrencies for Greed.

Using an iOS and Android app, viewers may participate in a first person shooter battle with virtual dragons, zombies, and demons during the live show. With its contextual design centred on the live production, augmented reality game technology invites viewers to use their phones to participate in the event.

Niall Austin, the creator of Seven Deadly Sins, sees this idea as creating new opportunities for live entertainment. He said that the intention is to produce a theatrical spectacle that audiences will not soon forget by fusing technology, story, and execution.

Since many young individuals attend gigs and performances in order to record moments for their cellphones, live entertainment is always changing. The firm wants to increase their participation and create sensational experiences.

Beyond theatres, CAR technology has ramifications. It gives game creators a new avenue to monetize their brands by taking them on stage, where they may increase revenue and reach a wider audience. By adding interactive elements to their performances, musicians may update their audiences and defend higher ticket costs.

Additionally, with the use of technology, films might become more immersive than video games, changing the role of the audience from that of passive spectators to one of active players.

Furthermore, virtual theme parks may be made using CAR, fusing the ease of digital experiences with the thrill of real-world attractions.

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