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Interactive AR application Developed by Holovis to Enhance Exploration of the Royal Liver Building

Iconic Liverpool waterfront property, the Royal Liver Building, has been remodelled both physically and virtually to create immersive experiences projecting the rich history of the city to visitors. The experience being offered right now also comes with an augmented reality application, helping guests gain insights into the building’s architecture. Visitors will also be able to check out some breathtaking views from the fifteenth floor of the building.

The Royal Liver Building 360 (RLB360) augmented reality experience was launched during April of this year. The 111-year-old building’s two most iconic sections, the Clock Tower and Viewing Platform, have been opened up for visitors. These two towers are larger than the Big Ben in size. Additionally, the Lower Ground Floor and Visitor Centre sections have also been opened to the public.

The Clock Tower is being exhibited with the help of a projection mapped show that offers an immersive experience to visitors. It has been developed by Holovis Creative, the in-house media production arm of Holovis. This exhibit showcases the story of Liverpool; starting from its late 1800s industrial boom to facets like the consequences of war, and the acknowledgement of its colourful culture.

Whilst most projection-based experiences are usually held outside of the premises of iconic landmarks, Holovis has made the decision to utilise the inner walls of the Clock Tower. It has enabled guests to get an expansive 270-degree plane of perspective. Visitors can partake in a completely immersive experience featuring surround sound.

The free application for this experience, developed by Holovis, was launched recently. It expands the guest experience and improves upon it, with the help of 20 interactive moments. These moments are spread throughout the entire experience, starting from the Visitor Centre. Visitors can remould photographs into videos, unlock voice narrations and images from significant moments in history.

The application functions as a guide for what the guests are experiencing. Whilst on the rooftop, visitors are able to place their phones over the city-scape. Doing so reveals information regarding the different landmarks within the city.

Guests can also view the mythological Liver Bird sculptures in action, spend time in augmented reality with them, and easily share the videos and photos on social media.

Peter Cliff, Holovis creative director, explained that the sights and sounds that visitors come across in Visitor Centre, help them make customisations to their visit, and uncover secret offerings that interest them. During the 360 experience, the journey’s moments compliment the guide’s interesting narrative.

The AR experience has undergone gamification and adventure, thus encouraging the engagement of visitors. The application is an addition to make discovering the history of this iconic building an even better experience. – Pete Cliff

Chris Devaney, Operations Manager, RLB360, expressed that his team has received various rave reviews from visitors. He also acknowledged the team’s pride for their offering to be ranked by TripAdvisor in the top 10 things to do in Liverpool list.

Royal Liver Building 360 app can be downloaded on the iOS and Android app stores. Visitors may avail tickets at



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