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Hyundai To Produce New Vehicle with Head-Up Augmented Reality Display for Drivers

Hyundai Motor North America (Hyundai) has recently announced some information about its new IONIQ 5 crossover utility vehicle (CUV) featuring a 300 miles targeted range. This will be the first Hyundai vehicle to have an augmented reality equipped Head-Up Display (HUD).

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 has technology upgrades from HUD to ultra fast charging

The AR display is capable of converting the windshield of the vehicle into a technology display. The augmented reality technology can be utilised by drivers to project the information they need, including turn-based navigation, surrounding details, safety measures and more. It can help them scan and analyse around 4 feet of the vehicle’s line of sight at the front. Hyundai has said that the new method of information display for the vehicles enable drivers to perform agile information processing whilst keeping focus on the road.

Apart from the augmented reality technology, the vehicle has a lot of other features that add to the convenience of owners. Some of these include ultra fast charging, several battery options and travel range of 244 to 300 miles. All of the vehicle’s configurations feature a 115 MPH top speed, and trailer towing capacity of approximately 1,500 lbs. The IONIQ 5 makes use of the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) of Hyundai. The company has stated that E-GMP enables it to offer more space to users and deliver enhanced performance.

The vehicle is geared towards the new trend of offering larger interior spaces to buyers, along with the inclusion of many technological features for added convenience. Several notable manufacturers have made strides towards adopting advanced technologies for making their vehicles capable of delivering entertainment experiences to passengers. A notable example of companies catering to new expectations of in-vehicle technology is Holoride with its initiative of turning vehicles into parks. It backed up the idea by securing around 10 million Euros in funding. The Holoride platform generates immersive features for a vehicle’s passengers through the amalgamation of data with extended reality.

Technology is becoming more common, but the Hyundai is the first of its kind

Augmented reality HUDs have been used in vehicles before. However, the latest development from Hyundai is the first of its kind in recent times, offering a high level of convenience and usability for users. As more manufacturers move towards the technologies available, users can expect vehicles that are built to feature several mixed reality elements. These will become more and more common.

José Muñoz, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor America, speaking about the latest announcement said that the new IONIQ 5 vehicle will extend the brand’s reach toba new target group of buyers. He elaborated further, saying that buyers who step into the driver’s seat of the vehicle will be greeted by a great number of innovative features that enhance their comfort, facilitate immersive experiences and also provide better performance. Muñoz said that owning the new vehicle can introduce buyers to more innovative experiences and even enhance their lifestyles.

The company has also stated that IONIQ 5 will be a part of its scheme for rolling out 23 BEV electric vehicle models. It intends to sell as many as 1 million EV units globally in the next few years.

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