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Honeywell’s AR Technology Transforms Holiday Shopping

Seamless Holiday Shopping Experiences Facilitated By Honeywell’s AR Offering

Innovative technology is used by this solution to provide companies the ability to improve worker efficiency, simplify processes, and offer seamless buying experiences.

Solutions that improve the consumer experiences and hasten their decision-making are becoming more and more important as the busiest shopping season approaches. In order to enhance the effectiveness and output of retailing operations, Honeywell recently announced the introduction of the latest edition of its potent SwiftDecoderTM barcode-decoding software, which is intended to facilitate purchasing and guarantee a flawless retail encounter.

Every day, countless barcodes are scanned by businesses all around the globe using SwiftDecoder, which turns camera-equipped gadgets into effective barcode readers that provide quick and precise data collection. Retailers may easily incorporate the AR extensions of the programme into consumer-facing and shop staff apps. By allowing the scanning of bookshelf labels and the dynamic layering of visuals and data on the display, this connection increases efficiency. This facilitates a smooth checkout process for consumers looking for nutritional and marketing data and also for shop staff controlling stock and guaranteeing price label correctness.

According to David Barker, President, Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services, with the help of SwiftDecoder, businesses can now develop cutting-edge apps that completely transform the user experience. Efficient checkout processes not only boost customer satisfaction but also improve productivity, allowing businesses to provide a state-of-the-art buying experience. Honeywell technology makes it easier to provide coworkers and customers with accurate and current product data, which enhances their shopping experience. The convergence of technology and consumer empowerment is transforming the retail landscape, with the prospect of a day when quick, straightforward, and effective purchasing will be the standard.

Solutions that improve the user experience and expedite customers’ selections will be crucial as the busiest shopping period draws near. The use of SwiftDecoder offers a chance to create distinctive buying experiences that will entice customers to return time and time again. Buy options include clicking and collecting, while innovative possibilities like “Shop and Go” allow customers to finish purchases in-store without speaking with a salesperson. According to research company Gartner, an enjoyable shopping experience increases a customer’s likelihood of making subsequent orders by 94%, and it drives 66% of commitment, outweighing both price and brand together.

Shorter queues for checkout allow for quicker service of more consumers, which may boost total sales chances for the business. By giving firms access to immediate information on merchandise accessibility and appeal, this sort of technology may also aid with managing inventories by enabling more educated stocking choices.

The sophisticated image-processing methods of SwiftDecoder may be utilised to a wide range of devices, such as wearable detectors, unmanned aerial vehicles, tablets, PCs, smartphones, and terminals for retail and logistical applications.

When it comes to barcode reading, Honeywell is an innovator. The organisation assists businesses create efficiency, improve output, and improve client happiness. It is responsible for the development of the most commonly utilised barcode in sales, production, and medical care (Code 39), as well as the barcode utilised for verifying travellers in for airline flights and train travel (Aztec 2D). The firm keeps working with companies all around the world to provide cutting-edge technologies that support the transformation of core business procedures. Go to for further details on Honeywell’s retailing solutions.

Serving a wide variety of global sectors and regions, Honeywell is an interconnected operational corporation. The Honeywell Accelerator OS and Honeywell Connected Enterprise Integrated software system, which are the foundation of the company, are in line with several significant megatrends: automation, the next generation of aviation, and fuel conversion. As a dependable partner, the company assists businesses in resolving the most difficult and complicated problems globally by offering novel ideas and practical options that contribute to a more secure, more intelligent, and increasingly prosperous world.  For further news and details about Honeywell, go to

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