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Harman Unveils Brand New AR Offering for HUDs

In order to make HUD systems more affordable for the general public, Harman is developing low-cost software, hardware, and automobile sensor interface offerings.

In order to improve vehicle safety and alertness, Harman unveiled its Ready Vision solution at this year’s much anticipated CES event. The firm described it as an integrated suite of AR technology, HUD software, and HUD hardware offerings.

According to a Ready Vision spokesperson, their augmented reality technology is integrated with the car’s sensors to send the driver timely and contextualised visual and audio alerts that have the ability to help them improve their capacity for making sensible selections.

According to the company, by projecting plain, simple directions onto the glass, Ready Vision connects the physical and virtual realms and enhances motorists’ attentiveness and judgment calls.

Machine learning and computer vision for three-dimensional object recognition are used to provide the driver with high-precision warnings for things like crashes, lane departures, blind spots, lane-change assist, and reduced-speed zones.

In his statement, Armin Prommersberger, senior vice president of product management, at Harman International, said that this launch is an important step in Harman’s commitment to improving pedestrian, passenger, and driver safety while fostering innovative in-cabin interactions.

Prommersberger elaborated further, saying that by assisting drivers in understanding their environment and facilitating a forward-oriented trip, Ready Vision addresses significant industry concerns related to driving safety. He said that even in the most challenging driving situations, the company’s offering gives the driver the appropriate knowledge at the correct moment, enhancing their driving experience and increasing safety.

At CES, the company will present a variety of new products, including Ready Vision. According to Harman, all of them have shown the ability to provide engaging in-cabin experiences, making them road-ready.

All Harman products are designed to work best on their own and enhance a car’s safety, comfort, and connectivity. However, they also operate as modular parts that may be joined with those from other manufacturers to form a more fulfilling whole.

For instance, the company says that Ready Vision is compatible with its Ready Care products, which provide enhanced audio/visual alerts when driver attention is detected and so increase situational awareness.

Harman promises to provide OEMs with considerable cost savings while still offering a broad field of view, a long virtual depth, an optimum eye box, and excellent brightness thanks to a edgeless windshield design and a compact package volume. There are two sizes available.

The augmented reality application uses AI, a machine learning-based software architecture, and computer vision to offer the appropriate information at the right time with low latency for real-time 3D object detection.

To give intelligent and timely visual and aural warnings, the AR software includes a variety of sensors, including navigation, ADAS, and microphones. The system prioritizes the display of vital information without obstructing the driver’s view.

Additionally, to help improve driver awareness and enhance their capacity to respond more quickly to threats, Ready Vision incorporates Harman’s directional and spatial audio into its software platform.

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