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Graceland Visitors Can Now Enjoy Newly Installed Elvis Presley AR Experiences

Augmented reality (AR) kiosk and screen systems developer INDE has recently announced the deployment of four AR HeroMirror booths in Graceland. The iconic location, known as the home of music legend Elvis Presley, can now give visitors the opportunity to interact with the artist.

Elvis Week 2020 commemorates the 43rd death anniversary of Elvis Presley. Graceland, the erstwhile residence of Elvis, is also among the most visited addresses in the United States. It now offers visitors ten fresh experiences introduced as part of this year’s event, including the four AR kiosks from INDE.

The Eras of Elvis Game is an experience that requires visitors to respond to questions to meet different versions of Elvis across several decades with augmented reality. Participants will get a downloadable photo after the experience. “Elvis Yourself” Virtual Dress-Up Experience lets fans virtually dress up in one of Elvis’ famous costumes and get their photos clicked. Elvis Album Cover Photo Booth superimposes guests onto the covers of their favourite Elvis albums and offers a downloadable photo.

The Elvis Movie Match Game is an offering that directs some questions to participants and lets them meet the movie role characters played by Elvis, and get a downloadable photo. Interactive LED Dance Floor Quiz lets participants test out their knowledge about all things Elvis by stepping onto a dance floor. Elvis’ Interactive Golf Cart Ride enables Graceland visitors to get a virtual tour of its gardens through a 360-degree custom golf cart. The “Can’t Help Falling in Love” AR Serenade is an experience that takes visitors on a virtual trip to the Blue Hawaii set, where they are greeted by Elvis himself. They can download and share the video of this trip.

Elvis Movie Posters Photo Booth is one of the experiences that put visitors in an Elvis movie poster and allows them to create shareable photographic memories. “Memories” AR Serenade lets visitors sit beside Elvis at his ’68 Comeback Special, whilst the singer performs “Memories”. They are also able to download a video of the experience. Elvis: Front Row enables participants to experience a live Elvis performance as part of an immersive concert, complete with stage lighting, sound and live footage.

The Elvis Presley AR experience at Graceland. Image: graceland

The HeroMirrors by INDE are activated by guests who have to choose if they want to meet the legend as an actor or a musical performer. Those picking the musician version of Elvis have to take a quiz to decide whether they match with the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s version of Elvis. Visitors who choose the actor version of Elvis also have to answer some questions to determine which character they are suitable to match with. Visitors receive personalised results for each of the experiences, along with unique photos that can be downloaded and shared immediately.

INDE regards the immersive AR project was not bereft of challenges, as its team had to get creative with archived footage. They consulted with the Graceland personnel, to use real footage of Elvis, rather than working with a lookalike actor.

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