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Gorillaz Reveals AR Experience on YouTube For Coachella Performance

Gorillaz, the ground-breaking virtual English band, has once again elevated the bar for innovation at Coachella with their latest technological feat.

By utilising a real-time AR installation, they provided their at-home viewers with an unforgettable live-set experience. To ensure their fans were aware of this revolutionary approach, Gorillaz launched a widespread advertising campaign across multiple social media platforms and mainstream media outlets. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology continues to set them apart as industry leaders.

Coachella and its partners have dedicated substantial time, energy, and resources towards pushing the boundaries of art and technology for both in-person and promotional audiences this year. The Coachella festival showcased some truly ground-breaking efforts, including stunning installation work by acclaimed artists Kumkum Fernando, Maggie West, and Güvenç Özel. In addition, Coachella partnered with major brands such as 818 Tequila, Coca-Cola, and Nylon to create unforgettable experiences for attendees. The overwhelmingly positive reception of these collaborations has transformed this post-pandemic experiment into a resounding success, providing audiences with a truly innovative and unforgettable artistic experience.

Truly immersive experience

At this festival, Gorillaz stunned their fans with their latest AR performance featuring their 2023 hit, “Skinny Ape.” The audience was treated to a visually stunning scene where three larger-than-life fabricated musicians appeared to tower over them. Russell’s drumming and Noodle’s guitar strumming were delights to watch, while Murdoc’s cross-legged floatation added a surreal touch to the performance. With the help of cutting-edge AR technology, these animated characters truly stole the show, providing an unforgettable viewing experience for the audience. The result was an impressive display that left viewers engaged.

Coachella, in an exciting collaboration with Epic Games and Eric Wagliardo from &Pull, has created an unparalleled AR-enabled live stream experience. The festival’s innovative team, along with the animation crew, installed special cameras around the stages. This gave viewers at home an authentic and immersive view of selected songs without the need for a headset or phone. The result was a breath-taking spectacle that truly transported fans to the heart of the festival.

What the Future Holds for AR Technology in the Entertainment Sector

Coachella’s leading innovator of emerging technology, Sam Schoonover, recently shared his thoughts on the use of Unreal Engine and AR in Coachella’s YouTube livestream during the festival. According to Schoonover, the team’s effort to bring Gorillaz characters to life through AR and VR technology was a remarkable feat, showcasing the limitless potential of innovation in the digital world. As demonstrated by this creative experiment, artists can utilise emerging technologies to provide audiences with unparalleled and captivating experiences. For those who are willing to explore new technology’s innovative possibilities, the sky is the limit for what they can create.

Niamh Byrne, the founder of Gorillaz’s Eleven Management, believes that the introduction of AR (augmented reality) technology will revolutionise the way we watch TV programmes. In her opinion, the amazing experience that AR provides will make the viewing experience more real-life and highly engaging. Byrne states that Gorillaz is in a prime position to experiment with new technologies and merge the physical and digital spaces to provide its audience with an immersive viewing experience.

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