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Google Introduces Meet Calls on Google Glass for Workspace Users

Google has announced that Google Meet call, the remote virtual meeting feature, is now available to access for the Workspace users via their Glass device as an open beta program.

Introduced a while ago, Google’s consumer-focused face-mounted Glass device has not been as popular as has been expected. However, the tech giant has not ceased offering its customers the AR contraption to businesses and industries as part of their Enterprise edition. It was proved valuable especially for industry workers, who carry out hands-on technical tasks in several ways. For example, they could directly view demonstrations or written instructions directly in the line of sight.


To amp up the features of the promising Glass device, Google announced back in October 2020 that it would feature Google Meet, the popular video conference application. The app, as of now, will be accessible for Google’s Workspace users (formerly known as G Suite). This will enable workers, technicians, and other industry professionals to meet other experts, oversee remote projects, and share their views with others located in different spaces while working hands-on at the same time. This means that users of the Glass device, perhaps working in a data center or warehouse, can join others in a virtual meeting and show them what they are viewing in real-time, without disrupting the task at hand. This feature could be particularly convenient when requiring technical feedback from experts based in remote locations.

Keep up with changing nature of communication

Dave Citron, Project manager of Google Workspace stated that the expansion was conceived to keep up with the changing nature of communication and workspace collaboration. The current market practices oblige companies to adapt to new procedures and policies that help them keep their workers safe. At the same time, the need for making communication more effective and smarter has become the call of the hour. As a result, Google has come up with this latest upgrade to integrate Google Meet on Glass Enterprise Edition 2. With this expansion, Google hopes that technicians working on-site will have an efficient way to pivot and enhance collaborations.

This feature is expected to aid on-site essential workers, especially those who are indispensable for industry operations. In other words, for the roles that cannot be carried out virtually or remotely. Powered by augmented reality, Google Meet can help them connect with others based in different locations to seek expert opinion, insights, or feedback in real-time. All the while keeping their hands free to perform essential tasks. To keep the data safe, Google ensures six layers of physical security as well as multilayer virtual security and prevents any unauthorized access.


Announced this month, the Google Meet access for all Google Workspace users is now available via Glass Enterprise Edition 2. They can directly apply to join the Glass Beta program for accessing Google Meet. The virtual meeting app is directly integrated into Workspace. Hence, users can easily join a scheduled virtual meeting from the AR contraption in a truly hassle-free, undisrupted way.


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