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Fresenius Medical Care Offers AR ICU Kidney Replacement Training

AR being introduced by Fresenius Medical Care for kidney replacement devices

Fresenius Medical Care creates and applies augmented reality (AR) for the first time to instruct medical personnel in intensive care units (ICUs).

The new ICU staff training app blends real-world training on the Fresenius Medical Care Continuous Kidney Replacement Therapy mechanism with digital learning components.

This training serves as a complement to help new hires in the face of a high turnover rate for critical care nurses by reinforcing the basics.

A new augmented reality (AR) application has been released by Fresenius Medical Care (FME), the world’s largest supplier of goods and services to people with renal disorders, with the goal of facilitating learning for nursing staff in intensive care units (ICUs) during kidney replacement therapy. Nursing personnel may get on-the-job training on acute dialysis machine operation in critical care units by using AR glasses in conjunction with digital learning modules. Professionals may have an immersive learning experience with the glasses as they broadcast both visual and aural records when users interact with the dialysis equipment.

The focus is all on creating and offering the most innovative goods possible that are intended to facilitate and ease the process of learning via the use of modern technology. According to Dr. Katarzyna Mazur-Hofsäß, who oversees Care Enablement, the MedTech division of Fresenius Medical Care AG, and is a member of the Management Board, the new innovative solution aims to ensure that nursing staff—especially those employed in Intensive Care Unit, possess the abilities essential to provide outstanding care to patients.

Critical care providers may now get self-guided, on-demand instruction using the AR glasses. Through the AR training, users may learn how to operate various components, such as how to start the citrate pump or set up the machine. Fresenius Medical Care unveiled Ready4 multiFiltratePRO AR, an augmented reality learning programme, today at the International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM), held in Brussels. The AR glasses provide users access to this programme.

Ready4 multiFiltratePRO AR, an AR educational application, will be made accessible to more nations in the company’s Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa areas when it launches in a few markets as early as Q2 2024. Later this year, a restricted launch of the multiFiltratePRO will occur in the United States. A comprehensive multiFiltratePRO launch with the Ready4 multiFiltratePRO augmented reality educational experience is scheduled for 2025, after the successful conclusion of the Safety of Regional Citrate Anticoagulation (SARCA) study.

ICU nurse shortages, particularly those caused by high staff turnover and employees taking on additional responsibilities on short notice, are a major worry for hospitals and healthcare frameworks across the globe. This training method seeks to satisfy the growing need for flexible, high-quality continuing education to refresh foundational training while addressing the difficulties the sector is now experiencing.

Ready4 multiFiltratePRO AR was created especially to be used with multiFiltratePRO, the Continuous Kidney Replacement Therapy framework of Fresenius Medical Care. Currently, the multiFiltratePRO is in use in over 40 nations worldwide.

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