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Form Adds New Feature to Smart Swim AR Goggles

Renowned AR tech company Form introduces Workout feature to their Smart Swim AR goggles. With this brand-new feature, now you can easily keep track of your swimming workouts and create a personalized training regimen.

After a full year of wreaking havoc across the planet, the rising graph of COVID-19 has started to dip slowly, but steadily. While many countries are still grappling with the aftermath of the global pandemic, many have already started to regain their normal course of everyday life. One of the biggest blessings of the lessening virus threat, however, has made people once again able to visit gyms and swimming clubs. Grabbing the opportune moment, Form has released an attractive new feature to their AR swimming goggle—Workouts. The brand-new AR feature of the Smart Swim goggles enables its users to customize their swimming routine.

New Features

The first version of Form’s Smart Swim AR goggles came out a few years ago. This stunning fitness gadget has an efficient AR display that can deliver precise performance metrics of your swimming practice in real-time. Stepping up from its existing functionalities, Smart Swim goggles has received an upgrade very recently. The new feature, known as Workouts, does not only help the goggles track your performance more efficiently but also lets you create a personalized swimming regimen with just a few clicks of some buttons.

Precise Tracking

To access the feature, you will have to sync your Smart Swim goggles with your smartphone (compatible with both iOS and Android). When the process starts, you will see yellow pixels filling up the goggles’ display indicating the syncing is successfully taking place. As soon as it is synced, you can then select from a wide range of options, including the type of swimming arena, size, etc. Once you set the parameters and jump into the pool, the Workouts feature fires up the efficient tracking process of the Smart Swim AR goggles. The device precisely counts your laps, measures the amount of calories burned in real-time, even captures your timing smartly eliminating the pauses and change of direction. As you finish your practice, you hit the “save and quit” option to sync the session to your smartphone and refer to the stats later. The feature also lets you share your metrics with other Form users via the dedicated iOS app.

Improve your Training

Apart from its smooth features, Workouts also offers some cool upgrades for your Smart Swim AR goggles. It allows you to browse through the entire record of swimming workouts, both personal and shared, based on distance or type of strokes. The device’s AR display also gives you direction for how far to swim, how long to breathe and rest, how hard your strokes should hit, and when to use additional swimming equipment during your session. There is also a progress bar that indicates a swimmer’s progress, motivating them to achieve more than they do during a usual swim workout session. Most importantly, the feature comes with hundreds of swim workouts for you to follow and improve your capacity, sprint, technique, power, and more.

The product is available for purchase through Form’s website globally and via in select countries. The dedicated app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play for free.






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