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Flipclutch Reveals the Effectiveness and Potential of WIMI Hologram Theatre

TFlipclutch Reveals the Effectiveness and Potential of WIMI Hologram Theatre
The craze of the AR holographic field is accelerating around the globe and many companies are exploring the potential of this future technology. Hong Kong-based market research organization Flipclutch Research has recently published a report, where the company revealed what kind of visual experience WIMI Hologram can give.


Prospects of AR holography are very promising and the concept has attracted many foreign investors including some global internet and IT giants. According to the experts, the market for AR holographic can break the trillion-Yuan mark within a time-frame of ten to fifteen years. The popularity of AR holographic technology has also recorded a surge in the Chinese market.


AR Hologram for More Real-World Experience 

The combination of WIMI holographic multimedia technology and AR holographic technology can pave a way for an interactive expedition of digital art. The combination is going to be a game-changer in the near future. In this age of advanced technology, the AR holographic concept can help users to enjoy a more real-world experience.

The AR hologram technology comes with endless potential and when it is used in traditional plays, it increases the extent of the director’s imagination. The 3D holographic technology can help users to form a virtual stage and allow them to project stage art.

Unlike traditional VR experience, where users do not need any wearable devices to see a holographic stage. Besides, users can integrate the technology with other cutting-edge technologies like AR, motion capture, stage black, etc to enjoy an interactive visual experience.

Experimenters have used holographic technology to create WIMI Hologram Theatre. The concept allows users to include real people in an animated world on the stage. Here, the traditional science fiction 3D technology meets the classic IP to form an amazing holographic theatre.


A Beginning of Holographic Cinema and Theatre 

The innovative WIMI Hologram Theatre features a 3D screen with a 270-degree panoramic view. Viewers will be able to feel the idols in a real-life-like experience without using 3D glasses. The technology will allow the performers to perform from behind the stage with holographic images. Also, the users will be able to enjoy the sound the lighting effects just like live performances.

The AR and VR industry has witnessed rapid development in recent times and it has turned out to be a profitable business model for many investors. The WIMI Hologram Theatre has the potential to lay the foundation for holographic cinema and theatre.

WIMI can be used to develop holographic transformation, holographic movie, and theatre, holographic star performance, holographic start IP operation, holographic theatre stage beauty, holographic film production, and distribution, etc.

The WIMI Hologram Theatre can provide value-added services to the entertainment industry. The holographic theatre has been developed with holographic imaging technology and it brings the captured visuals into the scene and represents the story.

The technology features 3D scene, optical imaging system, film playback system, computer, sound system, multimedia system, modeling lighting system that altogether produce impressive scenes.     

In the near future, AR hologram technology will not only be a game-changer in the entertainment industry but it will also boost the business performance ecosystem.


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