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First AR Toothbrush Launched by Dr. Kami Hoss and Team

The Super Dentists, a team led by dentist Dr. Kami Hoss, has completed the development of the world’s first augmented reality (AR) toothbrush. The product has been designed to make brushing more exciting for children. 

The augmented reality toothbrush can come to the aid of those parents who are interested in making the daily activity of tooth brushing more interesting for children. Dr. Kami Hoss, notable dental specialist and his Chula Vista team, The Super Dentists, have contributed to the creation of the AR toothbrush.

Named as The Super Toothbrush, the AR tool will be used by San Diego-based Dr. Hoss to reinvent the entire experience of oral care for children.

Dr. Hoss, who is recognised as a leading professional in the domain of orthodontics, remarked about findings that suggest an interesting fact. He said that children who are exposed to music whilst brushing tend to brush 70 percent longer than usual. Another finding points out that children only brush for about 50 percent of the recommended duration without any music playing.

The Super Toothbrush plays a musical track for two minutes to keep children entertained whilst they are brushing. The music also has a motivating effect that helps children focus on brushing their teeth for the recommended duration of two minutes.

Many years of research based on patient interactions helped Dr. Hoss and his team come out with the concept of the AR toothbrush. He was asked for advice by many parents, who needed help to encourage their children to brush their teeth adequately. The idea helped The Super Dentists come up with The Super Toothbrush to make brushing enjoyable for children.

The underlying objective of using this technological innovation is to assist children in cultivating healthy dental care habits. It will eventually make good oral health practices a second nature for the children when they grow up.

The Super Toothbrush offers a bit more than just music to accompany children when they are brushing. It also features several cartoon characters in good and evil roles. The characters available include Cavitar, Molar, The Tooth Keri and Dr. Have One Super Smile. An augmented reality sticker with The Tooth Keri character is also provided with the toothbrush.

The augmented reality toothbrush has a battery that can last for around three months. After that duration, the toothbrush should be changed. This is in line with the recommended usage pattern outlined by the American Dental Association.

The Vivarra Dental mobile application can be used by children or their parents to make the AR sticker’s Tooth Keri come alive. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The character will exhibit the proper techniques of brushing and flossing to children. It will gloss over the senses of sight, sound and touch to disperse vital lessons regarding oral care.

Parents can choose to purchase one AR toothbrush for $6 and two for $10 from The Super Dentists store. The product can also be availed through Amazon.

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