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Famous South American Wine Companies Mix Alcohol with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is reaching new heights as each day passes. Now, for the first time, famed South American wine brands Frontera, Trivento and Casillero del Diablo announced their collaboration with beverage delivery application Drizly for a unique mobile partnership. With the app, users can now scan a 750 ml wine bottle from any of the three brands and be instantly transported into unique DrinkAR powered augmented reality experiences.

The seamless integration of AR into each wine brand can allow users to place orders on featured drinks online. People can receive their deliveries as soon as an hour in some areas.

Liz Paquette, director of the brand at Drizly, expressed her delight with this association. She further claimed that each brand’s augmented reality scenarios will help customers place their orders through the Drizly app from the comfort of their couch whenever they felt like a drink.

Quenching the Thirst Through Augmented Reality

Downloading the DrinkAR app lets you partake in this immersive experience. Based on the brand of wine, users can enjoy the following augmented reality simulations through the apps on their phone.

Trivento: Argentinian wine brand Tivento is the official sponsor for Major League Soccer. Owing to the company’s association with the sport, it comes as no surprise that for its AR experience, Trivento chose to capitalise on soccer fans. After scanning the brand’s wine bottle through the app, users are transported to a football simulation, where they must take penalty kicks and score goals. A real-time leaderboard keeps track of every user’s score and presents the opportunity to Trivento drinkers to climb the ladder.

Casillero del Diablo: Casillero del Diablo uses its 140-year heritage to bring a unique experience to its AR users. Those scanning the company’s wine bottle can take a 360-degree tour Casillero cellar. The dimly lit caverns hide the Devil, the brand’s legendary namesake guardian. Users can see Devil play in the background as they explore the caverns through augmented reality.

Frontera: Frontera takes a practical approach to its augmented reality experiences. Users scanning the 750 ml bottles from this Chilean company can learn unique and interesting cocktail recipes. Each of these recipes features fruits, Frontera wine, herbs and classic spirits. Spiced Sangria, Paloma Blanco and Frose are just some of the recipes waiting for users to experience with the AR technology. The music playing in the background sets the party mood, enticing users to try these recipes at get-togethers.

Today, around 70% of all eCommerce purchases are made on smartphones. Drizly is the fastest growing online alcohol platform, with 90% growth year-over-year, it makes sense for the three major wine companies to integrate with the beverage delivery organisation.

The integration of augmented reality will help the three South American wine brands become more accessible to customers than ever before. In-home deliveries is another way customers will benefit from this groundbreaking partnership. – Rodrigo Maturana, vice president of marketing for Fetzer Vineyards

DrinkAR app is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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