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Facebook Using Augmented Reality for Advertisements

Augmented reality is a cutting edge technology with widespread usage, ranging from shopping to medical. Recently, Facebook launched a suite of interactive ads, including those leveraging AR technology. Other interactive solutions include Brand Playables, Instagram poll stickers for Stories and Poll ads.

These new types of ads are expected to increase consumer engagement and drive interest in a particular product or service. Therefore, rather than the traditional unidirectional flow of information, these ads will force users to interact. This approach fits how most youngsters today use the internet through their phones.

AR technology crucial for brands to increase profit through Facebook

Many popular brands have incorporated augmented reality technology in their promotional campaigns to not just improve interest, but offer greater convenience to consumers. For instance, WeMakeUp, a US-based cosmetics company is using the AR advertising on Facebook to afford customers the ability to try on make-up before purchase.

The company reveals that after these special ads, its purchases increased by a massive 27.6 points. WeMakeUp says that customers now spend an average of 38 seconds interacting with the advertisement. Facebook’s AR ads feature is expected to roll out to other advertisers on the platform within the next few months as an open beta.

Many brands would be able to leverage this AR craze to attract more consumers. However, for now, due to the limited reach of augmented reality, only a few high-end smartphones can support the technology.

Other interactive ad ideas

Due to the immense popularity of video today, Facebook is launching video polls. These polls allow consumers to enjoy an engaging experience while taking surveys. For now, the social media platform will support three types of poll ads

  • Watch and Browse with a poll – With these ads, companies can collect data regarding peoples’ preferences when it comes to its personalised journeys.
  • Poll only – Without the video, these poll ads allow brands to communicate with customers and understand their opinions.
  • Poll along with install – These video ads will target consumers and entice them to install apps from the company.

The poll ads can pose a question to the consumers with two predetermined responses to choose from.

Facebook’s new ad units. Image Credit: Facebook

Playable ads is another global ad addition from Facebook. Through it, campaigners can use simplified games to drive brand engagement and popularity. Playable ads are a powerful medium that has proven extremely useful to several brands. For instance, Uber India launched a playable campaign during the 2019 Cricket World Cup. It led to three-times greater ad recall lift rate and 10% increased click-through rate when compared to other advertisers on the platform.

Consumers today look forward to interactive experiences that can help them connect to a brand or product. Increasing demand for these advertisements has fuelled the need for a proper platform to display it. Furthermore, the positive impact these ad campaigns seem to produce on consumers makes them beneficial for the companies themselves. It remains to be seen how well advertisers respond to these new media in the open beta, especially those utilising the AR technology.

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