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Enjoy Three Months of Amazon Music with Volkswagen’s New AR Experience

Scan your Amazon packages to unlock a unique WebAR experience featuring Volkswagen Taos 2022 for you and get free access to Amazon Music for three months straight.


Volkswagen, the leading automobile company has joined forces with Amazon for an exciting new AR experience powered by 8th-Wall AR technology. As part of Volkswagen’s “Joy is a State of Drive” campaign, the company is offering a unique WebAR experience to Amazon customers. Since December 2021, select Amazon packages are coming with access to this WebAR experience that you can view by scanning the boxes.

The WebAR experience features VW’s Taos model. As you unlock the experience, it will give you a chance to drive around in augmented reality on this brand-new SUV through various 3D maps. En route, you can also collect fun music by tapping on specific hotspots on your smartphone screen.

Since it is a WebAR experience specifically designed for mobile devices, no downloading is required. All you need to do is open your phone camera and scan the QR code on your Amazon package. If you are the lucky ones, it will take you straight to the 3D map menu. You will have to choose the SUV colour and the route you wish to explore.

In this WebAR experience, you can choose from four different AR environments. Each 3D map is paired with a specific SUV colour and a unique theme soundtrack. For example, “Road Tripping” will give you the pure white Taos while you get the deep black pearl Taos with “Smooth Gliding”, cornflower blue in “Rhythmic Kicking”, and red metallic in “City Vibing in Kings”.

This is not all about this cool offer. As a sweet incentive, you might also get three months’ access to Amazon Music Unlimited for checking out VW’s unique AR experience. The popular music streaming platform features over 75 million soundtracks, roughly 50 million podcasts, and more that you can stream. You get all these for free with the highest streaming quality and without ads. The best part of this AR experience is that you don’t even need to own a VW Taos to enjoy all these benefits.

Volkswagen’s Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing Kimberly Gardiner said in an official statement that music and driving have long been an ideal pairing. One cannot simply imagine a long road drive without vibing with their favourite soundtrack. In this marketing campaign, therefore, Volkswagen has mixed the ingredients to create the perfect recipe for experiencing the new SUV. Through this innovative virtual experience, potential Taos buyers can check out the model in a unique music-driven way and immerse themselves in the joy of driving.

Amazon plans to ship over a million boxes across the United States with Volkswagen’s “Joy is a State if Drive” campaign QR codes printed on them. If you are in the country, you might already start seeing them on select boxes now. Just scan them to unlock this unique AR experience. Or you can simply skip down to the Joy is a State of Drive website and check out the cool new Taos and explore a 3D map.

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