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Dreamworld launches DreamGlass Air AR Glasses Prototype

Augmented reality’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. AR technology allows developers to overlap the digital and the real worlds, breaking out of computer screens in the process. Dreamworld, the San Mateo-based tech company, has now devised a special pair of AR glasses for movie and TV viewers.

Although not its first AR product, the new DreamGlass Air is the first Dreamworld device to be launched commercially for consumers in a media-centric manner. The Kickstarter funded project started with just a goal of $15,000 but after 2446 contributions, raked over $780,000.

Media viewing like never before

DreamGlass Air provides a unique media-viewing experience for the user. You can simply put them on and start watching favourite shows and movies. Viewers no longer need to worry about people around them in a bus or flight creepily staring at their screens as they enjoy the media. Being much smaller and lighter than laptops, the DreamGlass Air is easier to carry along with you wherever you go.

Another important use of the glasses is when you want to view media in bed, without disturbing your partner with the bright screen light or sounds that are common in smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Features of the DreamGlass Air

An early prototype at present, Dreamworld hopes to create a private media-viewing screen closer to the eyes of the user, without any distortion or hampering the video quality. The kit contains the glasses, a pair of lenses, a remote, a media box, and a few cables to establish connections.

Image via DreamWorld AR

In the prototype model, the remote control works when a USB Type-A dongle is connected to the media box. However, consumers can expect the final product to ship without this additional dongle, as the functionality would be incorporated inside the box itself. Every part of the media viewing experience fits snugly inside a small case, making it an ideal mobile device.

Dreamworld claims that they are not looking to make the next Google Glass. The company does not expect users to wear AR glasses everywhere they go. It is specifically built for situations when you are sitting down and have some time to kill, watching your favourite movies and TV shows. You stream the media from your phone and control the interface using the handheld remote.

Importance of viewer’s privacy

The AR glasses come with a slight inward angle to the lenses, serving a dual purpose. Firstly, it helps reflect the media on the screens directly above the user, enabling them to see the video without any issue. The second reason for this reflective nature is to maintain your media privacy. People on the outside cannot catch a glimpse of what you are watching. The only way they can see your media is if they view the lenses from underneath, in the same angle as your eyes.

Keep in mind that this is simply a prototype of the final product. Consumers may find several changes in the launched device. At the moment though, the DreamGlass Air glasses seem like a promising addition to the range of augmented reality entertainment products.



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