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Doublepoint Introduces Magic Leap 2’s WowMouse AR Control

Doublepoint Introduces Magic Leap 2's WowMouse AR Control
Doublepoint introduces Magic Leap 2’s WowMouse AR control

Doublepoint Technologies has unveiled the WowMouse AR for the Magic Leap 2, advancing gesture technology even further.

Doublepoint will demonstrate at the Augmented World Expo 2024 how their most recent WowMouse version turns Android wristwatches into potent AR gestural input devices that improve Magic Leap 2 user experiences.

WowMouse AR hands-on demos will provide attendees of AWE 2024—which takes place June 18–20 at the Long Beach Convention Center—a unique chance to see the future of human–computer interaction.

Doublepoint’s CEO, Ohto Pentikäinen, expressed gratitude in a statement to the Magic Leap team for sharing their extraordinary AR knowledge and helping them advance the human AR experience with WowMouse micro-gesture capabilities. As the need for powerful and intuitive use of wearable technology increases, Pentikäinen and his team are excited to be at the forefront of bringing new developments in gesture innovation.

At CES 2024, Doublepoint unveiled the WowMouse app, ushering in a new age of interactive digital interfaces and wearable technology. Using micro-gestures and the company’s robust core technology, WowMouse turns smartwatches into wrist-based mice.

The software has received over 55,000 downloads since its release. WowMouse, which now has an augmented reality component, offers an input solution with more possibilities and flexibility to suit a variety of locations and use cases.

WowMouse AR Mode may be accessed by connecting an Android wristwatch running WowMouse with a Magic Leap 2. With the newest Magic Leap headset, this functionality enables smooth control of AR surroundings using pinch and gaze interactions.

Doublepoint is a top nominee in the Auggie Awards’ Best Interaction Product category, thanks to its gesture control capabilities with WowMouse. The prizes will be given out during AWE on June 19.

Magic Leap assists developers inside its ecosystem, such as Doublepoint, in creating AR add-ons like WowMouse AR that work with Magic Leap 2. With the use of intuitive gadgets that include gesture and control functions, individuals may improve their work experiences in many ways.

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