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Domotics delivers AR to real estate

Based on a Redfin report, 63 percent of residences were bought without buyers being able to observe them in 2020. Though the beginning of the Covid epidemic undoubtedly had a large role in this reality, a growing percentage of young purchasers are content to depend on images, videos, and other ways to digitally examine a new house even without physically visiting it.

Domotics, a technology firm located in Ridgefield, CT, has combined the extensive real estate knowledge of its three local founders with that of IntelliMedia Networks, a worldwide technology firm that supplies the underlying technology for the streaming services of many major news services.

CEO and co-founder of Domotics Jason LaVardera elaborated that the company is in the visual technology domain. He said that the company’s collaborators have systems such as a Netflix-style platform, event and game streaming, training and education management solutions, and are professionals in media streaming. According to him, he and his associates integrated some of their media technology into real estate. LaVardera said that his company is sort of the reverse of all of these Multiple Listing Service (MLS) driven websites that receive their media assets from the MLS, like Zillow, Redfin, and also the brokerages; emphasising that they are functioning as an agent’s tool.

Realtors will be able to host and share images and video footage of properties together with 3D floorplan renderings, and 360-degree views from inside the property, and even let users experience properties using virtual reality headsets thanks to Domotics. The software may operate on smart TVs as well as desktops and smartphones since this data is transmitted to the devices.

Real-time guided tours of the houses they have advertised will be available via realtors using the Domotics app. Either they can provide a guided tour and decide precisely what prospective buyers see, or they can throw an open house and let people roam around freely while being there to answer questions about the 3D representations of the area. They may also do this at any moment, without ever bothering the present occupants, with customers all around the globe.

Jason LaVardera’s brother Josh is the COO of Domotics and a real estate agent in the Northern Fairfield County area. He said that it is worth acknowledging that their app service will allow agents and brokerages to subscribe to the application. He elaborated further, saying that users will be able to promote and sell their houses as well as licence the technology being offered. Any real estate professional who wishes to utilise the innovation to power their website is welcome to do so. He added that the company is about to close on its first licence agreement in the near future.

Fairfield County, according to the company’s President and Co-founder Michael Sturges, is the perfect location for the app’s development. CEO LaVardera made the observation that Sturges offers a range of development related to real estate that users can take advantage of.

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