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Displai sets its sights on facilitating AR packaging

It is said that the project will provide opportunities for co-marketing, as well as instruction and assistance, as well as exposure to the patented augmented reality technology developed by Displai.

Packaging platform that utilises augmented reality (AR), with headquarters in Australia. A new initiative that will make it possible to have AR packaging has been introduced by Displai.

Customers can initiate immersive experiences, have a link to additional product descriptions and content, and more by scanning products with their smartphones. Customers can also gain access to other features.

It appears that the initiative will provide participants with opportunities for co-marketing, coaching, and assistance from Displai, as well as access to the company’s one-of-a-kind augmented reality technology.

According to Dominic Cakebread, a researcher with GlobalData, Displai’s cutting-edge augmented reality system is bringing the shipping and printing industries closer to the Metaverse by integrating the physical and digital realms and empowering customers to create more interactive digital encounters. This is accomplished by integrating the physical and digital realms and providing customers with more control over the digital experiences they have.

When used by the printing and cataloguing industries, the system should help with corporate branding, promote a better consumer owner connection, and improve customer loyalty. This will enable packaging to better serve its inherent function as a sales representative for an item.

According to David Chaffey, one of the co-founders of Displai, the company provides printing and wrapping businesses with the tools they need to transform their product packaging into immersive activities that are interesting, attention-getting, and engaging for customers.

Chaffey provided further explanation, stating that the company is thrilled to introduce its partnership deal and assist businesses that specialise in wrapping and printing in increasing their interaction with customers. He continued by saying that the group is in a good position to generate some value for the printing and packaging industries by incorporating the new AR technology.

The augmented reality platform Displai was introduced in 2022 with the intention of assisting businesses in a wide range of industries to boost customer engagement and business expansion through the utilisation of the technology (AR). It seems as though the method is applicable to a wide variety of container sizes and shapes.

According to GlobalData, a number of companies have implemented augmented reality in packaging by affixing QR codes to the exterior of their products in order to draw attention to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns.

A prime example of this is the recent addition of QR codes to the packaging of the detergent company Persil. These codes were added as a result of a partnership between Persil and the augmented reality expert Zapper.

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