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Disney & Snapchat collaborate on AR lens for the release of Avatar

According to information that was provided to the Marketing Dive publication, Disney and Snap have collaborated in order to design a one-of-a-kind augmented reality lens for Snapchat. It was created in preparation for the upcoming film – “Avatar: The Way of Water.” The premiere of the film is scheduled for December 16th. Viewers who use the filter can witness their faces turn into a distinct blue colour, as a result of the combination of the 3D graphics and cutting-edge computer vision technology used. This will allow them to recreate the appearance of protagonists from the film.

Users of Snapchat may access the AR lens by loading it up straight from the application. They will also be able to gain access through a link that contains a QR code that has to be scanned with their devices. The partnership comes after a number of previous engagements between Disney and Snapchat, and it arrives at the same time that Snap announced in its most recent financial report its focus on augmented reality technology more extensively.

According to data that was highlighted in the publication, theatrical ads that included an augmented reality lens that aired last year, alongside in 2021 in addition to video buys generated an average incremental reach increase of 32%. It is conceivable that this is why Disney is growing its partnership with Snap before the release of the long-awaited upcoming sequel to the “Avatar” film series. The objective, in part, is to attempt to drive more enthusiasm to the film’s 3D format content.  The films have so far been responsible for a large increase in ticket sales.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is coming during a phase when Disney is willing to put some effort into bolstering its revenue potential. This can be the reality, at a time when multiple reports are estimating that the new movie in the Avatar franchise has to make an income of about $2 billion to even recover the costs involved in making it.

Users of the Snapchat lens may watch as their lips, hair, eyes, head, and complexion shift as they are morphed into a Na’vi, the fictional people that inhabit the planet of Pandora in the “Avatar” universe. The appearance is finished off with a trademark blue-striped pattern that the fictional world’s inhabitants are marked with. Trinity Bliss, who portrays Tuktirey in “Avatar,” was recruited by Disney to showcase the lens as part of the promotion of the partnership that took place on Instagram.

Several months back, Disney and Snap collaborated to build an augmented reality mural of Cinderella’s castle using photographs taken with the Disney PhotoPass service by Disney fans. Additionally, Snap collaborated with Disney’s PhotoPass service to develop unique augmented reality glasses for use inside the My Disney Experience smartphone app.

In its latest financial call, Snap mentioned that one of its three main objectives in the final quarter of 2022 is augmented reality. According to the information revealed in the publication, Snapchat sees an average of over six billion AR lens uses on a daily basis.

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