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Devar creates 3D AR graphics from text cues using generative AI

At Devar, the tech virtuosos have set forth on a pioneering odyssey, melding the forces of generative AI and neural networks, to birth the world’s premier generative AI neural network for Augmented Reality (AR). This novel marvel allows users to breathe life into 3D objects and other AR assets, forging new realms of creativity.

Embarking on their revolutionary endeavour, Devar’s Generative AR Platform serves as the crucible wherein neural networks and cloud solutions intermingle, crafting the very essence of AR content. One of its crowning jewels is MyWebAR, a visionary service born in 2021 that empowers users to craft immersive AR content effortlessly, with a mere whisper of text prompts. Within the embrace of this technological tapestry, one may conjure captivating 3D AR images, awakening limitless possibilities within the canvas of iOS and Android AR applications.

The maiden voyage of this platform shall encompass a neural network unparalleled in its prowess to generate 3D objects and images, meticulously optimised for top-notch performance. Even those wielding humble, low-end smartphones shall bear witness to its grandeur as it bestows them with the power to partake in AR projects. It churns out ceaseless streams of content, ensnaring your creative vision and ceaselessly birthing 3D and 2D objects tailor-made for webAR projects. Surrendering to this enchanting process, the realm of imagination unfurls boundlessly.

Devar’s visionary pursuit of AI-powered creativity transcends conventions, crafting a symphony of innovation that dances harmoniously with the spheres of perplexity and burstiness.

Ana Belova, the CEO of Devar, stated in a conversation with GamesBeat that his company is among the only businesses with a fully unique combination of computer vision and creative artificial intelligence for AR. For instance, text-to-3D, which generates pre-made 3D models from text, is one of the latest publications from the staff. They will begin to observe how individuals utilise it in their daily lives from now on.

In an appearance, Belova demonstrated how simple it was to generate a 3D picture and then include it within an augmented reality setting, such as adding a sofa inspired by works by Vincent Van Gogh to a space. Users may make items to share with other people, such as an AR business postcard.

She said that the generative AR system is the next stage, allowing individuals to solely construct 3D objects using text instructions.

The neural network was created using Devar’s own 3D content datasets and customer data from the MyWebAR service. It rapidly creates an image that is tailored for the best tracking results with its visual recognition system. In order to use the neural network, users need to sign up through the MyWebAR portal.

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