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Couple TX aims to sell T-shirts featuring AR tech

By releasing a T-shirt design that can show 10 phrases on Facebook and Instagram Couple TX embraces the trend of phygital fashion.

Couple TX, a clothing company, has celebrated its 13th anniversary by releasing a new film and picture collection to mark the introduction of its “Being” T-shirt.

The word “Being” across the chest is the focal point of the shirt’s straightforward design. Couple TX empowers users to share uplifting thoughts by allowing them to add their own motivational words or choose a digital slogan to be printed. The latter can be done with the help of filters on social platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

When the word “Being” is detected by the phone’s camera, the filter opens and the AR (augmented reality)-enhanced digital slogans appear.

La Van Trung Hieu, the chief creative officer, said that the notion of phygital fashion, which combines physical items with digital environments to create a great experience for trendsetters, served as the inspiration for the design of the shirt.

The Couple TX spokesman also said how many international fashion companies have been integrating and using AR to introduce their items into the metaverse as NFT, phygital fashion, and digital fashion. Despite the fact that this technology is not new in Vietnam, the majority of brands solely employ it to generate impressions in storefronts.

According to Hieu, Couple TX uses augmented reality (AR) technology to develop physical digital goods that provide its clients with a fascinating experience, regardless of whether they are online or offline. In the near future, phygital is anticipated to be a prominent fashion trend.

The brand currently has the slogan “Being together: generating change together”.

Photographer and designer Ha Nhat Tien used both smartphones and cameras whilst utilising Instagram to take the new photo series. Three visitors attended the picture shoot: LGBT activist Linh Ngo, lifestyle content specialist Su Tu An Chay, and zero-waste clothing business More Than Blue’s owner Chris Ty. With the intention of improving the world, they are all engaged in social media projects.

Tien, who had previously exclusively used professional cameras, described the experience as something enthralling despite being something challenging. He loves the concept because it encourages young people to combine and coordinate clothing. This is because a lot less ink is used for printing T-shirts with slogans, and it is more eco-friendly The project, in the opinion of community activists like Linh Ngo, provides them with hope.

It’s encouraging to see that more and more reputable companies are following through on their promises. She claimed that even though it will take some time to get used to, and improve upon this new development, it is obvious that Couple TX is devoted to creating a change.

To mark the 13th anniversary of the opening of the company’s first store, Couple TX unveiled the “Being” T-shirt design and the associated campaign earlier in the year. Being you: because you are the best gift was the brand’s original motto, which was meant to show gratitude for customers and staff while also inspiring people to boldly embrace their individuality.

Couple TX has prioritised providing a wide range of items in fashionable, contemporary styles and reaching a younger audience with creative marketing since rebranding. The business stated earlier this year that community and sustainable development will be its key priority.

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