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Coca-Cola introduces new flavour with AR

Digital installations serve as a gateway to the exciting world of Coca-Cola Dreamworld, a new offering for fans of the beverage company’s products. It is the last part of Coca-Cola Creations launch efforts this year and was recently announced by the Coca-Cola Company.

According to the firm, the newest fizzy beverage, now available in the US and Canada, brings a selection of colourful and delectable flavours inspired by the imaginative prowess of individuals, blended with the quintessential Coca-Cola taste. It is the newest Creation that comes with a brand new package layout, showcasing some variations of conventional Coca-Cola cans that are quite unique and colourful. The result is impressive optical illusions that capture the imaginations of consumers.

In a statement, Oana Vlad, senior director of global brand strategy, The Coca-Cola Company, remarked that the company’s most recent Creation transports consumers who experience it to a beautiful and fantastical Technicolor universe. She anticipates that individuals will fall in love with the Dreamworld offering, including its flavour and the immersive experience being offered to them as part of the marketing drive. She describes it as a captivating journey to a vivid and imaginative realm that will pique the interest of beverage enjoyers.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld will be realised through a dreamy campaign that will contain digital elements predominantly. It is set to encompass major collaborations including a unique Coca-Cola Dreamland digital clothing line with design network DRESSX. Customers will be enabled to explore the virtual Coca-Cola Creations Hub by scanning a QR on a Coca-Cola Dreamworld bottles or cans. Once they are in the experience, they will be guided on an adventure and enjoy distinct Dreamworld aesthetics which they can share across social media platforms.

DRESSX CEO and co-founder Daria Shapovalova stated in a release that no other method is as effective for firing up emotions and dreams as the blend of Coca-Cola Dreamworld and the company’s inventive wearable collection. Natalia Modenoca, DRESSX COO and co-founder, said that the company was eager to engage with Coca-Cola and connect fans in a very creative and interactive manner.

The imaginative promotion will additionally involve the introduction of the Coca-Cola Dreamworld AR Music Experience, an augmented reality-based musical extravaganza developed in partnership with Tomorrowland, one of the most prominent electronic dance music (EDM) festival organisers now.

Fans may enter the digital Coca-Cola Creations Hub by scanning a Coca-Cola Dreamworld container, where they will be immersed within a stunning 3D simulated AR music experience facilitated by an animated DJ mixing fantastical music. Aficionados may participate in games to acquire exclusive Coca-Cola Dreamworld-inspired rewards and discover fascinating Easter eggs that will enhance their experiences. The AR offering will adequately capture the essence of the Dreamworld for drinkers.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld and its alternative edition, titled the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Dreamworld, are set to be sold across the US in 20-ounce containers and 7.5-ounce small can multipacks. In Canada, Coca-Cola fans can get their hands on the 300ml multi-packs and 500ml bottles.

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