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Chinese tech behemoth Huawei reveals plans for AR glasses within two years

  • Richard Yu, Huawei consumer group CEO, revealed plans regarding the company’s augmented reality (AR) glasses to CNBC.
  • Yu explained that commercial development would take one to two years.

Huawei is developing its own AR smart glasses, which are expected to release within the next two years. The project is being considered a competitive step to match Apple’s efforts in the AR glasses domain.

Augmented reality (AR) involves the introduction of 3D imagery or objects within real-world settings. In technicality, it is similar to smartphone users playing games which digitally incorporate objects which blend in seamlessly with what they see on screen.
Huawei has already made AR apps available on its cutting edge Mate 20 Pro device.

Based on Yu’s statement during a CNBC interview, the company is currently working on the development of its own AR glasses, to offer a more immersive experience.

Yu stated that users can integrate the AR glasses with their phones, and get a larger field of view. He explained that AR might seem underwhelming initially, but has considerable potential for growth. Yu also mentioned Huawei’s intent to release more AR features to smartphones, in order to get users familiar with the glasses.

Smart glasses get a second chance

Public acceptance of wearable smart glasses has been less than positive. Google Glass is a prime example, as its initial product versions were considered as failures. HoloLens from Microsoft is a popular AR product but geared towards business users. However, notable consumer electronics companies are showing interest in the concept again.

According to a Bloomberg report from last year, a new AR headset from Apple is under development. In August, the prominent technology brand took over Akonia Holographics, which manufactures lenses for AR products.

Social media giant Facebook is also developing authentic reality glasses. Ficus Kirkpatrick, Facebook’s head of AR, speaking to Techcrunch, confirmed the development of an AR hardware offering.

AR technology has been a much talked about subject, which has piqued the interest of industry stalwarts like Tim Cook, the Apple CEO. Analysts predict tremendous growth in the field of AR, through the beginnings are humble. IDC, the market research company, predicts an estimate of upwards of 200,000 AR headsets. According to the firm, the same figure can rise to 21.59 million in the year 2022.
In a September report, Tom Mainelli, VP of devices and AR/VR, IDC, stated that though growth seems minimal, it is just the start for AR.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Huawei becomes the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer

Consumer electronics mammoth Huawei recently earned the distinction of the world’s second biggest smartphone manufacturer. It claimed that spot by dethroning Apple. Huawei has been expanding to options like smartwatches and laptops, and also recently announced the AI Cube, a smart speaker. Rapid growth has been witnessed by Huawei in the consumer electronics sector. The brand witnessed 31.9 percent annual revenue growth, amounting to Yuan 237.2 billion/ $34.1 billion.

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