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Brightline Interactive becomes part of The Glimpse Group

Brightline Interactive has entered The Glimpse Group, Inc. (Glimpse), a multi-faceted immersive technology company that works as an enterprise-grade environment for technology application and software service providers. Glimpse was established in 2016, and currently has as many as 14 ancillaries in operation. Across these companies, a combined workforce of more than two hundred immersive technology experts, 3D artists and software engineers are employed.

Brightline Interactive is a leading supplier of AR, VR, and 5G offerings, along with deep tech and spatial computing solutions for clients in both the private and public sectors. Some of what it offers to include a range of interactive and immersive products, simulations and scenarios. The client base of Brightline Interactive currently has top names such as AT&T, The USAF and Coca-Cola.

Glimpse stated that with the addition of Brightline Interactive, it has now become the most prominent services and software corporation within the immersive solutions industry due to the amalgamation of several factors such as workforce size, patents and variability, and annual revenue run rate.

In terms of being the biggest independent firm in the immersive technology sector, Glimpse remarked that it sees itself as bridging the gap between startups and big businesses in the arena, thereby creating a unique offering in the industry. Glimpse has also acknowledged that its intermediate role between the two ends of the sector is a testament to the efficacy of its business plan. The statement also acknowledged the growth of the sector itself.

Glimpse also noted that the companies that operate amid the titans and the newer businesses, offer solutions that come with the benefits of both ends of the spectrum. It emphasised that being such an entity allows the business to exercise a greater deal of flexibility and avoid unnecessary red tape compared to bigger companies. However, they may bring more experience and resources to bear than the ordinary startup, resulting in more daring and important undertakings.

Commenting on the announcement, Lyron Bentovim, President & CEO of Glimpse, said that the company provides firms under its umbrella the chance of benefitting from a variety of factors including best practices. He emphasised that immersive technology firms can take advantage of available reasons for advancing their ambitions.

According to Bentovim, the companies are holding on to their workforces and leadership, which will facilitate them to focus on AR and VR development. They can tap into the in-depth knowledge and resources of Glimpse, along with its valuable connections in the immersive technology industry. Bentovin said that Brightline contributes considerable resources, skills and a lot more, that Glimpse’s AR and VR efforts can benefit from.

Brightline Interactive’s CEO and Managing Partner, Tyler Gates, said that Glimpse and Brightline both possess the future goal of defining the role that will be played by immersive tech in the broader perspective. He said that due to this vision, Glimpse is quite a suitable partner for his organisation. According to Gates, the cooperation can enhance Brightline’s ability to create groundbreaking augmented and virtual reality experiences for its global base of clients.

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