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Boeing & Red 6 build AR pilot training system

For the T-7 and F-15EX fighter planes of the USA, Boeing and Red 6 will build augmented reality (AR) pilot training systems.

Red 6’s ATARS or Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality System and ARCADE (Augmented Reality Command and Analytic Data Environment) will get their first collaboration with Boeing.

The cooperative arrangement provides a framework for future system implementation in Boeing aircraft. Along with that, the T-7 and F-15EX systems are getting augmented reality (AR) instructional assistance as one of the first beneficiaries.

Red 6, during the earlier part of this year, relied on a flight to mimic an operation involving many planes to show off the first application of AR. In addition to displaying a KC-46 Pegasus Tanker and modelling a recharging exercise, the trip from Santa Monica Airport a few months back showed two Berkut 540s connected in a unified AR habitat.

Pilots may train and fly in their actual plane whilst viewing and engaging with augmented reality aeroplanes, sights, and hazards on both the air and ground. It achieves cost savings and eliminates the need for numerous platforms and real-life training missions.

Around the world, fighter aviation and security technologies are tentatively starting to rely on incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). An instance of this is the F-35 helmet that relies on AR to integrate telemetry and location information on visuals recorded everywhere around the warplane.

For squadrons, synthetic air combat training can become a lot more cost-effective and easier to implement with the new technology.

Under a US$70 million, 5-year deal, Red 6 is also collaborating with the US Air Force to include ATARS into the T-38 Talon jet trainer as well as other combat aircraft.

According to Dan Gillian, vice president and general manager of Boeing Global Services’ US Government services, With the pathfinding F-15EX and T-7, the AR system of Red 6 offers yet another noteworthy improvement in capability. This deal between the two bodies is the most recent illustration of Boeing’s dedication to technology investment. He also said that it signifies the company’s drive to be a driver of innovation across the military and aerospace sectors.

Red 6 states that ATARS uses augmented reality to provide a range of tactical training scenarios. These include surface-to-air weapon engagements, refuelling, tactical formations, and air combat manoeuvres. ARCADE enhances the efficiency of mission planning, briefing, and debriefing by using real-time 3D representations to construct and rebuild sorties.

Red 6’s creator and CEO, Daniel Robinson, stated that if the warfighters of the USA are to triumph against those owned and operated by its enemies, prime importance must be assigned to precision and preparedness. The first aircraft in the world to be able to access our augmented reality training environment will be one of Boeing’s upcoming systems. By cooperating, the company may bring about a fundamental change in the calibre, scope, and cost of future flight training.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding this development in the near future.

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