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Blippar has announced Blippbuilder for Microsoft Teams for AR content development and sharing

Blippar, a company known as an augmented reality (AR) solution and service provider for businesses, has made a recent announcement regarding the integration of its codeless augmented reality offering Blippbuilder with Microsoft Teams. The release expands upon the brand’s vision of helping all individuals, without, or with any level of coding experience, create fully-functional immersive, and three-dimensional AR experiences.

According to Blippar, the feature enables the 270 million Microsoft teams userbase to come into a space where they can easily work together, find new solutions, and explore and create new augmented reality projects that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, without any hassle. collaborate, explore, develop, and share AR projects that work anywhere, fast, and easily.

Blippbuilder, the new augmented reality platform by the company offers a combination of convenient drag-and-drop functionality with the SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping) technology. This enables users across different experience levels to develop immersive augmented reality encounters.  At novice levels, artists can easily pull things into the project. Once they are done, their work can be published and preserved securely, due to the advanced proprietary surface detection functionality from Blippar. The business thinks that such experiences can act as the foundation for the scope of interactive content on the metaverse.

Blippbuilder contains lessons and best practice instructions to help people become acquainted with AR development, from conception to material. WebAR experiences are designed to be accessed through a browser, eliminating the necessity and dependency on separate applications or equipment. WebAR experiences are accessible via many platforms, such as TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and WeChat. Users can also access Blippbuilder from their mobile and web browsers.

According to Blippar, Teams users are able to introduce Blippbuilder to their current operations. They can get access to some of the key features of the platform such as single sign-on, real-time feedback, adaptive cards, and several others. This will enable them to experience flawless incorporation through the process of creating custom content. With the help of useful additions such as tooltips and support-related functionality, users can start working on their projects without any delay.

Blippar CEO Faisal Galaria stated that the current method for generating and distributing augmented reality for enterprises,  firms, and companies is disjointed. Firms are obliged to employ a variety of technologies and solutions to facilitate project participation, reviewing, feedback, approvals, updates, and fulfillment. Blippar is constantly striving to simplify how individuals build augmented reality experiences, collaborate on them, and share them. It made these capabilities available to users of Microsoft Teams. This was achieved through the new Blippbuilder to Microsoft Teams integration, chats, and channels of collaboration.

Blippar also provides a developer creation product called the WebAR SDK. Blippbuilder for Teams is intended to be a fast, effortless, and hassle-free gateway for countless users. Companies can currently also continue on, to create new and innovative AR experiences with  SDK.

Additional information about these offerings can be found on the Blippar website.

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