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Blippar Facilitates AR-Based Product Launch Event for New OnePlus Smartphone

Blippar, a provider of augmented reality platform solutions, has recently revealed information about its role in creating a full-fledged AR launch event for the OnePlus Nord. It is the latest phone from the smartphone and technology solutions provider OnePlus.

The Blippar team considers the launch event project as a major technological breakthrough, as the company has diversified from its usual short-form AR experience with it. Blippar has developed a 26-minute-long live stream event with its AR technology. Viewers across the world are getting to be a part of an interactive digital experience through the event.

Blippar reinvented the conventional launch event by adding augmented reality. It has turned the launch event into an immersive augmented reality experience. The company has stated that the new kind of AR-based experience offers an inventive way for businesses to launch their products. It can be quite beneficial given the current circumstances caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Brands can rely on technologies such as AR for effectively reaching a global audience.

The company has revealed information suggesting that the AR livestream event was attended by thousands of users via an Android and iOS compatible custom application. The custom-built app has live audience interaction and adaptive streaming features. Some of the other features include a cutting-edge 3D augmented reality stage, high-definition animation and video. It also has a digital version of Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, showcasing a three-dimensional model of the new OnePlus Nord device.

Viewers can view and interact with the features and in-depth specifications of the new device. They can also generate and share their avatars along with their own launch reactions in real-time. All of the features made available to viewers were created through augmented reality technology.

Faisal Galaria, the CEO of Blippar, said that OnePlus capitalised on the chance to go against the conventional launch event norm with AR. According to him, they have also overcome the current crisis through reinventing how smartphone conference launches are done. Viewers of the AR launch event experience can delve into the features of the OnePlus Nord from their homes. They can also discover several additional features that can only be created through augmented reality technology.

According to Galaria, there is no dearth of AR opportunities. He stated that the OnePlus Nord event, which was the first-ever global event of its type, showcased how businesses can utilise AR technology for reaching out to new audiences. It also shows the way forward for product launches in the post-COVID world.

The launch event is currently available for viewers on an on-demand basis and will be available for two more months. The OnePlus Nord, which is being considered as an innovative device, has also been covered by the likes of Unbox Therapy on YouTube.

According to Blippar, pre-event invitations were received by upwards of fifty thousand users. These invitations had an AR preview of the new smartphone device by OnePlus. Users needed to scan the QR code present on the invite with their smartphones, to gain access to event teasers with the OnePlus Nord application.

Viewers got to experience a live countdown for the official launch event of the OnePlus Nord.

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