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Beer Mats Provide Access to Augmented Reality Application

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service recently issued beer mats to two Stone pubs so that the customers are able to gain access to its AR (augmented reality) app. The Star and The Swan have two hundred and fifty mats which allow people to view the app, available for free download on the Appstore for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android. This has been created to give the customers access to safety videos and advice using AR technology.

One can perform a scan of the Service’s badge to let the app show the videos. Presently, anybody using the app can access helpful information like how to stay safe in the kitchen, electrical safety advice and Top 10 Tips. The purpose of the app is also to deliver safety messages to the people. Since many households have tablets and smartphones, this tech is available to a large group of people. The app can be developed further to let the Service either extend its range or tailor its messages.

Augmented reality takes the place of physical, real materials and determines the area of virtual objects, portraying them on the device’s screen being used. It is an informational tool which can be utilised to help heighten awareness of the various hazards around the house. People are familiar with the augmented reality app called ‘Pokemon Go’ which incorporates this technology to display virtual creatures on the physical landscape. It became really popular with both children and adults.

Acohol, combined with mobility issues, smoking, and being aged, is among the top 4 factors encompassing fatal accidents throughout the last 10 years.- Stephanie Cooley, Home Safety Manager

The initiative of the beer mats aims at raising the awareness of the hazards related to combining alcohol with cooking and fire. It also provides the user with the chance to refer a vulnerable acquaintance for a good and safe visit. An individual who scans the beer mats is able to watch a video precisely warning them regarding these dangers.

This technology helps them engage with people of all ages, and not only adults. They are also set to launch an augmented reality app for their Welephant Club. The club targets children aged 4 to 8 years, to engage them in learning about fire safety whilst having fun. On the app, a friend of Welephant, Priya teaches the children regarding what they should do in case a fire breaks out at home and also gives them information on fire safety measures.

During a good and safe visit, which are done all over the county, a Community Safety Officer will inspect smoke alarms and if they feel the requirement, check the properties for potential dangers and offer fire safety advice.

During the time of their visits, they also check the general wellbeing of the residents and make sure that they have enough heating and other benefits. If there are different concerns, they refer the residents to the appropriate companies.


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